We have a little visitor

This little girl wandered into my yard this afternoon.  My grandson went up and down the street looking for the owner but we haven’t found them.  She’s awfully skinny.  One of the people up the street said they saw her and a wiener dog chasing a deer yesterday.  🙂  Gus and Trixie seem to get along with her pretty well.


She was kind of stinky so she got a bath.  She tolerated it much better than Trixie or Gus.

Puppy2 Puppy4

Not sure what the future holds for her but she is really sweet.  I’m hoping my daughter takes her home with her tonight.

Update:  We found the dogs owner and she has returned home.

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  1. I’m not much of a “dog person”, especially with the smaller breeds, but this little doggy is definitely cute! 🙂

  2. You’re a good man! Not only did you take her in – you cleaned her up. Not many people would have done that much. Thank you!

  3. Perhaps you should take her to the local SPCA and have her scanned to see if she has an ID chip implanted. If so, that’ll tell you who owns her and where they live.

    • I agree with you Paul. This dog looks more like a pet that has gotten lost. A lot of local vets also have the ability to check for a chip.

  4. She did go home with my daughter tonight. They already have two dogs, but their rooms are better laid out for a puppy.

  5. Aww, she does look so sweet and tired. Poor little girl. I’d take her in a heartbeat. I agree though with getting her checked for an ID chip. That deer is still wrecking havoc, eh! Too funny.

  6. In the next few weeks there will be a new doggy member of my family. I am going to the local dog pound to see who I fall in love with(should that be the other way round)

  7. Thanks for taking care of the little thing, I’ve followed Gus and Trixie as they have grown up. I hope karma smiles on you for your good deed! I have 7 (3 100+lbs, 4 little ones) and, though it is hectic sometimes, they are more than worth it.

    Thanks again, Bodine

  8. DAWWWWWWWWW she’s adorable! I hope her owners are found soon. Or if not, that she gets a forever home. CUTIEEEE

  9. The dogs owner has been found and she was returned to her home. I understand a little boy cried all the way to school this morning. He’ll be very happy when he gets home from school. We found out that she is half Lhasa Apso and half Dachshund and is 6 months old. She was following the wiener dog (her mother) that was chasing the deer the other day, so it’s not the first time she’s gotten out.

  10. Sorry but the owner does not sound very responsible – under weight, dirty, gets out loose.
    I kind of wish you hadn’t found the owner.

    • Trixie has gotten out and run the neighborhood a few times. She usually stays within 3 or 4 houses and a wooded area nearby. But at least she’s got her tags on and comes home in ten minutes (at most). We’re on a dead end street so there is very little traffic but she still shouldn’t be out running. But I think this dog gets out a lot more.

  11. Yeah Jonco, I certainly hope Karma smiles upon you and your family…it was a very good thing you did, and very good that you were able to return the dog to her rightful family. I might have considered keeping her (but, as I said before, I’m a “cat person”).

  12. You are a good man with a kind heart. If I ever get lost I hope it is in your yard.
    P.S. I can take my own bath and whatever is for dinner will be fine.

  13. My roommate found a cat the other day at work. It’s super clean and friendly, so it must have come from a good home. Haven’t found the owners yet, but I’ll feel kinda bad when we have to let him go.

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