15 thoughts on “Up Yours Gravity!”

  1. I’d bet it is! If you look at the point where the weight is and where the fulcrum point is, it is completely possible! And look at the way the plastic ruler is bent near the table. There is a lot of weight on it at the fulcrum point.

  2. Gravity is behaving exactly as gravity always behaves, so there’s really no “Up yours!” applicable here. But, on another note, this helps illustrate why Newton was a genius. He could overcome the “it can’t be real” reaction and then break it down into “Why is this real? How does this work?” And still one more note, if something like this experiment can jar you into a big “What the…???”, try to imagine those folks working on the quantum stuff that can’t be seen at all as easily as this.

  3. I remember way back in high school wood shop making a wooden piece that looked kinda like a paisley shaped curve. You could balance it on the end of your finger and suspend something like a belt or tie from the other end and it would stay in place. The secret was that the center of gravity ran directly through the device from your finger on down.

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention that it’s only taken him 6 yrs. to get to a 3 yr.

    Good thing that Mummy’s paying for it. 😉

  5. He’ll be a journeyman in maybe the next ten yrs.
    I joke sometimes but I truly love my son. My one and only.

    But Sweet F*cken Jeez, let him gr0w up!

  6. The set-up in the picture is almost exactly the shape of clothes hanger. If a clothes hanger was hanging there, it wouldn’t seem strange.

        • If you make a loop out of an old wire coat hanger, you can do this in about 10 seconds.
          This is the way Gary has all his tools mounted on his dashboard. (If you ever ride with him, watch out for the chainsaw on the turns.)

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