Open Mic Saturday


B&P Goes to Las Vegas:  (We need a better name for this)  I’ve created a page specifically for the Las Vegas get together.  It can be found in the links along the top of the website.  We’re asking for your thoughts and please let us know if you plan to attend and how many in your party.  We’d like to get a realistic idea of about how many we can expect to be there so we can plan accordingly.  Check out the Las Vegas page.

Comment Length:  I found a plugin that will allow me to set the minimum number of letters allowable for a comment (which can be set to as low as 6).  I installed the plugin and activated it but it doesn’t seem to be working.  So, I’m still working on this.

Closing comments: As of now posts that are older that 60 days are closed for comments.  This helps eliminate spam on older posts.  There have been a couple of posts or pages that really didn’t need the ability to comment on and some that closed where I wanted to keep open.  I have installed a plugin that allows me to close or open (allow) comments on any page or post with just a click.

Sidebars:  A few people have said that the right sidebar covers part of the post. I played around with shrinking the sides of the sidebars (and the content there) but my ad revenue immediately dropped to almost half.  That wasn’t acceptable to me so the wider sidebar (and ads) are here to stay I’m afraid.  Some possible fixes: increase the screen resolution if possible (best fix), right-click on images and select View Image,  make sure your browser is at full screen, close any sidebars you have on your browser window, change the resolution of your monitor, get a larger monitor.

Post titles:  You probably haven’t noticed but lately I’ve been playing around with the title on some posts.  I can’t decide whether the words should all be capitalized, title caps (capitalize the first letter of each word), or just sentence caps (just the first letter of the first word capitalized, which is how it’s been for a while.  I’m leaning towards having what sounds like a sentence be sentence caps, otherwise title caps.  Any thoughts?

Coming Up:  I’m working on a trivia program for a trivia night next Saturday night, so there might not be as many posts this week. Today I’m going to go to the Auto Show here in St. Louis and we’re going to a Bingo tonight, so I won’t be around much of the day.

It’s your turn to entertain one another here on Bits & Pieces.  Get your keyboards ready…..  3…2…1….. It’s all yours!

16 thoughts on “Open Mic Saturday”

  1. Sidebar issue: I had this problem a few years ago so I zoomed out and everything has been fine since. Tool Bar>View>Zoom>Zoom Out. Not sure if it would help others, but I am sure it is worth a shot.

  2. Shouldn’t the entire page shrink to fit any screen without overlap regardless of resolution? I almost never see overlap on other websites. Maybe someone else knows why it’s a problem here.

    • The WordPress theme I use has a variable width center column, but the sidebars (columns) are set by pixels, so a smaller screen will display a smaller center column.

  3. The post titles are fine in what I refer to as Caps And Lower Case, the only thing I notice is that the web-safe color has them display in a very faded grey, or gray.

    I have never had a problem with overlap here, if I did I would just loosen my belt. I do have it happen on my blog, but that comes from running with images that are too large at times.

    Speaking of images, take a look at these British ads – the first one is for LSD!

  4. Comment Length: Why not just tell people what is known, add blanks

    Closing comments: 60 days? Jeese, 3 days is more than enough. I know regulars don’t go farther back than that.

    Post titles: Simple, articles (I think that is what they are called, e.g. is, the, and, but, etc.) lower case, Starting Capitals for Important Words. All upper case is just SCREAMING.

    My 6 bits worth. Otherwise I got no problem with the status quo. To use an over used expression: It’s all good.

    • Yep! Me too.
      However adding blanks doesn’t work. At least not this morning. It also says you need six characters but I stopped when I got to nine. All that happens at 6 characters is the error message changes.

  5. I’m with Grumpy on the closing comments. Who needs to comment on something from two months ago?
    I would lean towards title caps, but whatever you do, just keep doing it…

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