10 thoughts on “How To Remove Ads From Videos”

  1. I don’t mind ads. I don’t like where they’re placed in YouTube videos. I’d rather see an ad in a banner so that it doesn’t cover the video. I never look at YouTube ads, just hit the X. If it was a banner that didn’t cover the video, I might actually look to see what it says.

    Wouldn’t it be annoying if B&P’s posts were covered by ads? Oh wait…


    • That’s ’cause you’re on your phone or little decoder ring. Websites are designed for computers with giant monitors.

    • I have a 21″ monitor (actually I have 2, but showing only one) and I have the browser with a bookmarks sidebar (not full screen), B&P open with all the columns in full view and several other apps peeking out from behind the browser window. Resolution 1920 X 1080

      Our other computer has a 19 inch monitor displays the browser fine with it full screen and without the bookmarks sidebar. Resolution set at 1280 X 1024.
      I guess it really boils down to resolution. The higher the resolution the more screen you can see.

  2. On my pc I’ve gotten around clicking all the X’s by reloading the page before they pop up. Not sure if that still works, I’m on my little decoder ring right now and there are no ads in YouTube vids. But thankfully they don’t usually play 30 second ads before the video starts like some websites do.

  3. Somehow over the years I’ve programmed myself to not see ads on web sites (Sorry B&P advertisers). They may get me subliminally, but with the pop ups I (with one hand on the mouse and the other holding my chin up) automatically go for the “X”.

    Nothing is free and I’ll put up with non-intrusive ads for the sake of not “paying”, least of my complaints.

  4. What bothers me more than the ads is the inconsistent volume levels. Some blast you out of your seat others are so quiet even at full volume you can barely hear them.

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