15 thoughts on “Acrobatic Fool Fail”

  1. Well done editing. The only Darwin Award nominations goes to those that believe this to be real.

    Like the camera guy just ran down the stairs to get the second shot?

    • Yeah, I think you called this one wrong Grumpy. Security cameras are everywhere. Even where they’re not (place where you can’t see them).

    • Yes, I believe those are CCTV videos – even though the time code isn’t in frame (could have been done by cropping the frames, to focus more on the action). The angle of the video, alone, would hint that the cameras were located close to the ceiling in both shots; many public buildings have CCTV cameras located on stairways and other areas of traffic in buildings (like entrances and exits from the building and access to each floor, via stairwells). Grumpy – you need to get out more.

      • There is?
        Anyhoo – CCTV’s aren’t known for their HD quality, and the recorders used to archive the footage (either video tape or disc) are meant to record long periods of time, so the FPS ratio isn’t what you would expect from normal consumer recorders. Still gonna say that this is (probably) real…and you can keep the “Darwin award”, since we’ve already shot down your statement about the camera guy running down stairs to get the second shot.

  2. Get over yourself Grumpy…we are right you are wrong…try getting out of the other side of the bed tomorrow eh.

  3. How is this guy alive? He must be really drunk. Even so, I bet he made it 4 steps before something inside gave out and he went unconscious.

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