7 thoughts on “No photos at the potato chip factory”

  1. What a stupid pair of idiots.Wish i was there,then again i dont because i would be in court again for assault.

  2. When such a small amount of power goes to someone’s head, you are thankful they don’t have more. Thank God they’re only security guards.

  3. I just love how vague they are. “It’s against the law.” “I spoke to SOMEONE.” Ooooh. Scary.

    Like, I can understand a store saying “no photos allowed in the store”. Part of that is to protect against “GOTCHA Journalism”. But I hate this idea that people don’t have freedom on the STREETS.

  4. Let’s all go an take a few happy holiday shots on that street. That should make them come out of their shell…

  5. This is straight out of Monty Python! Pure entertainment. Great stuff, keep it coming. I love B&P!

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