13 thoughts on “Cat Takes On Hungry Gator”

  1. This bugged me. It was probably a feral cat and not someone’s pet but still…no one tried to lure the cat away from the alligator? They seemed to think it was cute since the gator retreated but more times than not – that cat would have been a goner! But to them – it probably would have made the video that much better.

    • i was kinda of thinking that too but
      A: let nature take its course (even if it involves the kitty being eaten 🙁 )
      B: it appeared to maybe be at a gator farm or someplace the gator is use to being fed (since it’s eating chicken) and maybe the cat does this a lot? or the gator grew up with the cat doing this?!

  2. I am very surprised that the gator didn’t up and decide he wanted something better than cold chicken for dinner. How people can laugh at this, I don’t know. If that gator had snapped, it would not be pretty for the cat.

  3. I suppose the people didn’t try to lure the cat away because they were afraid of the gator themselves.

    It does seem like the cat grew up around the alligator. Maybe the cat has learned how to handle them.

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