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  1. One of the most beautiful places on the planet.

    If you have the money, and make a reservation in time, the Ahwahnee Hotel is beautiful.

    The valley floor gets very crowded in the summer. But in winter, it is just perfect. Stay in one of the Yosemite Tents in Curry Village. They are small heated tents. There is a central shower in Curry Village. And from there you can hike the whole valley floor.

    The only problem in the dead of winter is trying to get up to the to top of the falls. The ice on the trails make is almost impossible to get up there unless you have cramp ons for traction. Even with that, I’d be careful. A slip can send you a long ways down.

    And perhaps its sister valley, the Hetch Hetchy will be restored before you die.

    • Jon,
      Since you seem to like to travel. The next time you are in my home state of California, there are 3 spots in the state are special because of the vast vistas they offer, and they can be easily gotten to. If the weather is clear the day you are near any of these 3 spots, then make the effort.

      In southern California, the summit of Mt. San Jacinto behind Palm Springs.
      Drive to the Palm Springs Tramway. That will take you to 8512 feet. From there you can hike to the summit at 10834.
      Even from the upper tram station, in a clear day, you can see all the way from Death Valley down to the Salton Sea. From the summit you can see most of SoCal, from the Pacific Ocean to the Colorado River.

      In northern California, the summit of Mt. Hamilton. You can drive up there from San Jose.
      There is an observatory there. From there you can look east across the San Joaquin Valley straight down the Yosemite Valley and see Half Dome. To the SW you can see Monterey Bay. To the NW you can all of San Francisco Bay up to Mt. Tamalpias in Marin County. You see all of Silicon Valley and the SF Peninsula.

      Also in NorCal, Mt. Diablo.
      Just east of Oakland, the geographic center of the state. You can drive to the summit. On a clear day you can all of central California. The Sierra Mountains to the east. The Costal Ranges to the west. The GG Bridge. The Delta.

      • Those all sound like great suggestions. Unfortunately I don’t get to California that often. I was there twice this past year, but that was a fluke. I hadn’t been there for at least 10 or 15 years before that. But someday I hope to make it back.

        • Screw those things, go to Yosemite. It has one of the highest waterfalls on earth, there’s Giant Sequoia groves, the biggest trees on earth, and the El Capitan, the largest monolith in the world. Half Dome, the many glaciers, the ponds and meadows and the THOUSANDS of waterfalls all make Yosemite one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you like the “Lord Of the Rings” movie, think “Rivendell”. If you only went for one day, you wouldn’t regret it.

  2. If you do go to Yosemite, the view from Glacier Point is truly spectacular. You will spend a long time viewing the entire valley from a high vantage point.

  3. No amount of pictures, movies, or anything else can prepare you for the real thing. I remember some First Lady’s comment when seeing it over 100 years ago, “Poor Yellowstone!” (I’ve been there too and she was right).

    It is very crowded in the summer, but if you go right after Memorial day, or better still, Labor Day, it’s a lot less so, and you can easily reach the high country.

  4. Yosemite is beautiful- but Zion is WAY better. Don’t waste your time going anywhere until you’ve been to Yellowstone, tho. There’s a reason why it was the first national park in the world.

  5. I’ll be heading to Glacier National Park this year and plan to spend about ten days in the area. The pictures make it look great…

  6. Being from the area, if you travel to Yosemite, when and after you visit, be sure to take Tioga pass to Highway 395. While Yosemite is beautiful, the neighboring Sierra Mountains are even more of a sight. Yosemite fame makes it popular. The road less traveled is the way to go. It is also a fantastic road to ride by motorcycle in the summer months.

  7. Yosemite was great. Went in the summer and stayed outside the park. If I ever go back I will stay in the park.

    Amazing. Nature is fabulous.

  8. If I finally got the chance / money to go there, that would be the time that it finally blew it self up. Timing is everything.

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