8 thoughts on “Cruise Ship Tips Over Off Italy”

  1. Ironically, the ad banner I saw directly above this picture was adverstising “Last Minute Cruise Deals”. I think I’ll pass on that one.

    On a more serious note, this was a tragic accident, and I hope they find more survivors….

  2. I wonder if Carnival cruises know their add is been used above this headline…
    Love it
    when i go back to the main page the add has changed to “weight watches” with a picture of a ship on it’s side beneath it, looks really good 🙂

  3. captain of the ship has been arrested and is being heard,he claims the rock the ship crashed into wasnt on the map. the islanders say it’s BS everybody there knows about that rock, it even has a name. they say the ship shudnt have been that close to the island at all.the rock tore? a very big hole in the ship.

    the captain left the ship 11:30 pm while the last rescue boat left the ship around 3 am. survivors say the crew had no idea what they were doing, did not help and did not know how to operate the rescue boat, they say there werent enough life live saving jackets

    this night 2 koreans on their honeymoon were rescued they were trapped in their cabin. another person is still in there, they can hear him or her but they cant reach the trapped person

    between 20 and 36 are still missing

  4. I googled the area around the crash site and the nearest shipping lanes are miles away from the island.
    On a another note, Costa is renaming the ship. It will now be know as The Minnow…

  5. I’ve worked on many ships/boats back in the 80’s, we thought we had the best navigation stuff going (that was my job). Before GPS. There is no excuse for a ship to run aground these days. Totally crew fault. This was not some 3rd world ferry. 3rd world crew maybe.

  6. I remember seeing World War II movies where they had some kinda pinging thingy which could tell them where submarine boats are. You’d think that by now they would have adapted that technology to tell them where the bottom is.

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