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There are at least a dozen or so photos on my computer of naked women. This isn’t all that unusual but at the same time I don’t have any porn. I don’t understand porn. While you’re watching porn you could be out there trying to get sex, If you can’t get sex I’m not certain how watching other people get paid to have sex would make you feel better. And oh by the way, I have watched enough porn to know that real sex doesn’t happen that way and I for one am grateful for it.

Naked women on the other hand come in two categories; the first is those who are just out there showing off something and don’t get me wrong, there is nothing at all wrong with a woman who has a great body and is naked. You can quote me on that. In fact, sometimes it’s good to see a brazen nude shot that is all about sheer naked woman-ness and it is a good thing. There is truly nothing on earth more beautiful than the female human form uncovered. As I mentioned, I’ve got a dozen or so nude photos on my computer, and each of them in their own way makes me feel good about being male.

Yet there is another side to this that transcends sexuality and that is nude women are great works of art, and with the right photographer, the female human body becomes more of an object of incredible inspiration and pure exquisiteness that has nothing to do with sexual desire. Let’s take for instance the photo of Angelina Jolie lying in a tub with her back and backside showing. Nude? Hmmm, partially. But it’s a great photo. It shows her tattoos and her face, but mostly it’s about the form of the woman, and despite her popularity and all, the woman has a great body. I have a black and white photo of a half nude woman in cowboy gear. Her breasts are bare, but all in all she’s a great looking woman with a hard body and the photo was just plain well done. Take the same woman, put her in a thong, put a beer in her hand and make it look like she just stumbled out of a frat party and it’s just not the same.

I have a photo of a redheaded woman who has tossed her hair to cover her face but otherwise she’s nude from the waist up, and she’s wearing a pair of jeans. Okay, for reasons that I could not possibly explain, this is a photo that rocks me. There are photos of redheaded women wearing nothing at all with beautiful faces out there I am sure, but the one I kept was the one with the hidden face, the hair, and her nearly perfectly formed breasts, yes, she had those did I
mention that?

I was engaged to a woman who I thought had the perfect body. No, in fact her breasts were not large, but they were perfect. No, she didn’t have a model’s hips but they were perfect. There are a million photos of women’s legs out there but my woman had the best pair of legs I had ever seen. I cannot explain it to you. I can tell you that porn doesn’t interest me, and most of the internet photos of women sticking their implants into a camera really doesn’t interest me at all. But show me a woman with a great body, put her somewhere that accentuates her curves, and let someone with some skill and a camera take a few photos of her… yeah, I’m there.

One question: Who is the most over rated “beautiful” woman in the media today?

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