Sunday Confession – Stop Complaining

Sunday confession

I wish everyone would stop complaining and just be thankful.  My 18 year old daughter had scholarships to every college not only in America and abroad to be a surgeon, but had a breakdown and ran away.  Have not seen her in over a year.  My wife died at 42 three weeks before Christmas.  I have no family so I had to send my 16 year old daughter to England to stay with her aunt.  So this Christmas I will be alone.  So stop complaining and be thankful that you have family and show them you love them because life is short.



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3 thoughts on “Sunday Confession – Stop Complaining”

  1. WHAT!? What do you mean you had no family? You sent your 16 year old daughter away? Is she not going through the same things that you are? Is she not your family? Maybe you should have been there with her. Stop feeling like you’re alone and understand that you’ve got 2 daughters who need you (scholarship non included). This is your time to be a good father… Please stop feeling sorry for yourself and understand that they need you more than ever.

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