Sunday Confession – Disappointed in Society

Sunday confessionSo many people in this country are pathetic. We have drivers that can’t drive and workers that don’t work. There are politicians that care more about power power power than they do their country. There are Businessmen who would gladly rip off their consumers left and right if it meant a little more money in the bank. We have corrupt governments, stupid media, annoying religions, and worst of all, people stuck in a position they hate but are doing NOTHING to remove themselves from it! How many people hate their spouse? How many hate their Boss? Their home, their car, their computer, even their effing pants. We have so many damn complainers who want everyone to give them the world and won’t lift a finger until it’s given to them. Then we have so many people with the power to give them their wishes, and promise to do so, and never do (Hey Obama voters, is he paying for your home or your insurance, yet?). Then we have people who just don’t care if they do damage to make money (from as minor a thing as beef jerky packages being less than half full, to buildings dedicated to selling deadly tobacco products and openly advertising it). 

If you don’t like something about your life, DO something about it! And don’t tell me you’re trapped, you worm. There’s always a way out, you’re just afraid of a little change and effort. If you truly want to accomplish something, it will be done.

And the Traffic! Good lord, I know I haven’t gotten any FASTER over the years, but somehow everyone else seems to have gotten slower and more timid. The hell is up with that? You don’t merge onto a 75 mph highway going 40, you don’t give a bicycle in the bike lane 6 feet of clearance (going into another lane to do so), you don’t drive 25 mph slower than every damn car around you, and you CERTAINLY don’t do it in the left lane! No one should ever BE passed on their right, or NEED to pass someone on the right. If you’re going less than 75 in the left lane and someone’s riding your ass, get the hell out of the way. You’re not teaching them a lesson, you’re not doing everyone a favor, stopping a menace in his tracks, you’re just a cause of road rage, and road rage can be deadly. And who knows? That man in the car behind you, flashing his brights and honking his horn, trying to get around your slow-ass might have an emergency, like his suicidal friend just ran away, or his father’s in the passenger seat, dying.

I don’t care if you drive carefully, in fact, I amend you for it. Just use some common sense (such as when merging onto a 75 mph highway) and stay out of the left lane.

~Society, I am disappoint.


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13 thoughts on “Sunday Confession – Disappointed in Society”

  1. WHOA!! I agree with what you said (love the Obama voters thing lol)but calm down geez I had a hooter girl give me a phone call like that the other day but for other reasons ,but try and look at the good things around you and dont get soo worked up its very bad for your health I admit I do get angry with idiot drivers sometimes to but its something we will always have with us and the moochers will always be here to soo dont let it get to you,I have found out that patience and a sense of humor will greatly improve your life..I wish you good luck

  2. I gotta agree with infi here…a lot of what you complain about is stuff that’s always been around and always will be (except, who the hell hates their pants??). Rather than you wishing everyone else would change for your peace of mind, you might need to ratchet back a little on how much you worry about them and adjust your attitude accordingly. Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win. If someone hates their wife, their boss, their pants, who cares? You probably shouldn’t even care if they hate your silly pants.

    And that goes for driving too. I’ve been driving for 40+ years, and there’ve always been the slow-in-the-left-lane hogs. Other drivers are just part of the deal, just like construction zones, icy pavement, school buses, and stop signs. Expect it, accept it, calm down, be amused by the assholiness of people, don’t be someone else’s “that guy”, and enjoy the scenery.

  3. I gotta go with my pals DJ and infi on this. On one hand you talk about what whining complainers people are and then proceed to whine and complain about how you expect other people to drive! I, too have my patience tested every time I’m behind the wheel, but it doesn’t take very long to realize that there are a lot of bad drivers, drivers in their own little worlds, drivers that aren’t in any hurry to get anywhere, and so on. You can either just calm down and deal with it, or lose your mind and be just another road-rager out there shaking his fist and flipping people off.

    I do agree that there is a whole generation or maybe even two that think the entire World should just give them everything, but to think that they will change is like hoping that all of the crappy modern music will go away and be replaced by some good old classic rock. Maybe it’s true that every generation gets a little softer and a little more spoiled and that’s just the result of people’s lives being made easier by the generation before them. I find it hard to imagine what someone from the 19th century would think of today’s society, but at the end of the day, it is what it is.

  4. THIS tripe passes for a “confession”??? Wah wah waaaahhhhhh! That is WHINING, NOT a confession! People love to bitch bitch bitch and whine whine whine but they don’t like to DO someting about it. My CONFESSION? I USED TO BE one of those whiney brats who pissed and maoned all day about how much life sucked. I stopped when I lost my daughter to cancer and son-in-law to an Iraqi sniper. It took THAT to wake me up to how good I really have it and I am ashamed of myself for not realizing it while I had it.

    Whine about cars merging at 40 while you’re doing 75? YOU HAVE A CAR, MORON! Most people in this world do not! Whine about your president and how he hasn’t helped you? YOU CAN PEACEFULLY CHANGE LEADERS IN A YEAR where most people need a bloody revolution to do so!

    Wah wah wah- squirt me a tear, you ungrateful turd. I thank God everyday for letting me live in this world where I CAN vote for a new leader if I don’t like the current one. I am thankful to be able to drive my 17 year old car with 190,000+ miles on it because it means I don’t have to walk everywhere with a bum hip. I am thankful for still having two eyes that continue to work despite the damage I have done to them. I am thankful to have a grave site where I can see my child and her husband where many parents have kids that disappear and never return.

    Be thankful for what you have, you miserable jerk, before it is too late.

    And yes, I also confess I have no patience for whiners and victims and ask God to continue to help me improve.

    God bless you, Jonco, and Merry Christmas, EVERYONE.

  5. A bit hypocritical to say, “If you don’t like ______, do something about it!!!” and then whine and moan about what you don’t like, isn’t it?

    • There have been plenty of things I don’t like about my own life, but I DID do something about them. People who complain about their own lives but do nothing about it are what piss me off. I have no control over other people, so of course I can’t do anything about it.

      And no, I’m not a road rager, flipping everybody off. I calmly go around these idiots whenever I can, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction for the way these people live their lives.

    • Yes, Jarrod, I CONFESS I am a hypocrit at times.See? THIS is a “confession.”I actually CONFESSED to a fault of mine. Read the original post and please point out to me the “confession” part. I reread it numerous times and all I can find is a self-absorbed prima donna who has no f-ing clue about how lucky and blessed he is.

  6. I personally can’t agree with this guy more. Just because he’s complaining about what everyone else is doing doesn’t mean he’s complaining about his own life. I think the bulk of people out there are whiny, boring and lazy, but that doesn’t mean I’M that. I love my car, my fiancée, my job, my home, my cat, my computer… I love everything about my life and think I’m doing great, considering. It’s when OTHER people complain that they don’t like their lives that pisses me off. “If you don’t like something about your life, DO something about it!” Doesn’t mean that he’s disappointed with his own life, just that he’s disappointed other’s can’t do anything for themselves.

    Look at the millions of people who live off welfare not because they have to, due to a debilitating injury, or house fire, or anything like that… just because they Can. They sit back, do no work, and the government gives them money. Then there are people who are “stuck” in a loop in their lives, but make no effort to escape, simply assuming there IS no escape. You always have a choice. I’ve made mine. Now go make yours.

  7. Agree with much of what you said, but I’d change it to Bush/Republican voters. Then it would ring quite a bit truer.

    • Yeah, Chunk, because the Democrats are SOOOO much more about helping AMERICA instead of themselves.

      Give yourself a Christmas gift, albeit a late one, and recognize BOTH parties are out for themselves at ANY expense. Their party comes first, their pockets are tied for first, and the country is about 8 or 9 on their list. We scumbag tax payers are 30 or so except when they need to pretend to give a crap about us at election time. Then we are at 27 or 28.

      Stop focusing on how “THE OTHER PARTY” sucks and recognize it is the GOVERNMENT that sucks REGARDLESS of which party in in the White House. Bush sucked and now Obama sucks. Look beond it and recognize the government couldn’t less of a crap about you and me if it tried. It ain’t the party that’s screwing you, it’s the Feds.

      Merry Christmas.

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