9 thoughts on “Cat Recommends Abortion”

  1. You need to tell how the problem was resolved. Here is the answer chosen by readers: “Cats often just love babies and get really protective, but it is better not to have both a cat and a baby if your place is not big enough to keep them separated.”

  2. Although I truly believe animals, especially cats, are quite intuitive about “good” and “bad” people…I don’t think this woman is playing with a full-deck anyway, and she’s already been thinking about an abortion before the cat started behaving as she states. I also have to agree with Woohoo – that the abortion is one generation too late. Some people are born idiots. Others are born to idiots.

  3. Suicide would solve a couple immediate problems, not to mention many possible future problems.

    Shaddap! I already got the lower bunk under Kim reserved.

    Poor cat.

  4. 1) That devil cat needs to be put down!
    2) If she aborted, it’s probably for the best. Unfair to the baby and fiance/husband/ex (if he’s smart), but she does not deserve to pass on her genes… for the greater good of humanity.

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