6 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel ruins Christmas”

  1. Hahahaha. What a legend!
    Anybody have a link to his original Halloween clip? It made it onto the local news channel but I haven’t found it on youtube yet…

  2. My favorite are the two cute little kids, the girl with the half-eaten sandwich, and her brother telling her “You should appreciate …” “Well, I DO appreciate …” They seem like really nice kids, really mature for their age, really cute.

  3. What a bunch of spoiled ingrates! My mother raised 6 boys on her own (my father died when I was 2), and she made sure we all got something for Christmas – and although none of it was as “cool” as what other kids got, we were all grateful. Christmas was a great day for us, when we were growing up.

    That fat kid with the striped shirt needs a serious attitude adjustment. I just wanted to punch him in the head.

  4. When I was ten, my birthday present was to go see a movie. This was a big deal for us because back then, we were lucky to have enough money for a gallon of gas.

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