5 thoughts on “Amazing Christmas lights display”

  1. The Holdman website says it is in Utah, and that this year’s display is set up at a Salt Lake City area mall due to traffic concerns.

  2. All this is, is advertising for some electric lighting company whoring themselves for christmas and nothing else. If Christ saw that now he would join Al Queada and flatten that place for making fun of him with bloody lights.

  3. I am more impressed with the Belagio fountains in Vegas. This is just turning lights on and off, kinda like my computer monitor…just massless photons. But that Vegas show is WATER! I mean, one gallon is about eight pounds, and they must move dozens of gallons a show.

    • Vegas Baby! I can hardly wait. I’ll be like the kid in the candy store running around and looking at everything. I’m a hick. I’m not much into gambling unless I’m winning but I sure do want to see the sights. June is ♫Vegastime♪.

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