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  1. I’m pretty sure Jesus would say stop being a lying douchebag. This was a quote from Miriam A. Ferguson, the 29th Governor of Texas. This is the last time I read this blog.


  2. BWA-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Too bad this is fake, it is just SO funny. No one – and I mean NO ONE – is this stupid. Has to be fake. But it is extremely funny nonetheless. Thank you for the good laugh!

    The language of Jesus – forgive my knowledge – was of course Aramaic. (“In a nutshell, I showed that it’s most likely that Jesus spoke Aramaic as his primary language, and that he almost certainly knew Hebrew and perhaps Greek as well. It was unlikely, I argued, that Jesus spoke Latin, as envisioned in The Passion of the Christ.” (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/markdroberts/series/what-language-did-jesus-speak-why-does-it-matter/))

    And this, of course, complicates our understanding of my personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Because we generally accept the King James bible as our way of understanding Jesus’ words. And. . . they didn’t really “get” Aramaic back then. In King James’ time. Early 1600’s.

    So they have recently released an updated version of the bible, written in modern American English. Translated more correctly from the original Aramaic (and such) writings. Which. . . kind of changes an awful lot of things. In the bible. This new version of the bible not being accepted by most.

    Leaving us all rather confused and slightly dazed. “As we have always been, and will always be.” Belief in God does not come from miracles or scripture, but. . . from belief. We live in a wondrous world. Created – some way, some how – by God. Smile and accept this. Believe. Or. . . become a zealot (properly spelled N-U-T).

    • Wait a darn minute! Do you mean to say that Jesus wasn’t a fair-skinned, blue-eyed fella that didn’t speak “Proper” British-English? And he didn’t look amazingly like Robert Powell?

    • I posted it because it struck me as funny. How would I know if it was legitimate? I wouldn’t assume anything I find online is legitimate.

      • Everything online is true. At least that’s what my mother seems to think when she’s forwarding everything to everyone in the family.

        • Of course it is. This is the only place I’ve ever been on the net that has definitively stated that an inchworm is neither an inch nor a worm. Where else can you get that kind of testimony????

          • Well, we can change that real quick.

            “It’s been almost proven that the inchworm is an inch long worm.”

            • NO JONCO!!!! Don’t fall prey to them Inchworm Skeptic wingnuts…97% of the Inchwormoligist have proven it’s neither an inch nor a worm!

      • I wouldn’t assume anything I find online is legitimate.

        You know Jon, I think I can tell what stuff you post MIGHT be true and what stuff, well, might not.

        As DJ said, this isn’t a site for the thin skinned.

        If this is the worst that guy as seen I’m fairly certain his bookmarked pages are going to be really really thin.

  3. Rick Perry is an ass, I don’t know if he said this or not, I don’t care for him.
    When we were hit by flash flooding a couple of years back, my mother’s neighborhood was one of the most devastated, he did a flyover, supposedly, no one knows for sure if he actually flew over or not, he was obviously too good to put his boots on the ground with us commoners. At least Geroge Bush Jr would get out of the helicopter an shake hands with people. I won’t vote for him he has a smug attitude.

  4. ‘The trouble with quotes on the internet is that it’s difficult to discern whether or not they are genuine.’ – A Lincoln

    I’m amused by how many people are up in arms. I’ve seen countless posts all over this beautiful world wide web either butchered or attributed falsely. If everyone spent time researching EVERY quote nothing productive would get done. It’s not like this is some left-wing propaganda. Jonco saw something funny and posted it… almost like this is HIS blog and not some encyclopedia of knowledge.

    /post on Jonco… post on

  5. Even if this were real I hardly think this would be the stupidest thing Rick Perry’s said. I mean, when you’ve managed to make your video more hated than Rebecca Black’s Friday video, you’ve said something REALLY stupid.

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