I shouldn’t have done it…

I shouldn’t have done it. The little girl at the Walmart photo dept was only doing her job. She asked me if I needed help, instead of saying No, I told her I was looking for black and white film for a digital camera.

A minute later she came back and said they didn’t have any. I felt almost sorry I had done that. (Key word is almost.)

Trucker Ed

Thanks Ed


5 thoughts on “I shouldn’t have done it…”

  1. You sick, twisted man. I usually feel sadness for the pain that people share here, and often say a little prayer. But you, sir, cannot be fixed or forgiven. I shall weep for that young lady.

  2. My Mum once sent a Canadian Tire (Home, Cars & Hardware store) employee searching for a left handed screw driver after he wouldn’t leave us alone. After all, two women couldn’t POSSIBLY know what they’re doing in a tools section, right?

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