25 thoughts on “Caption contest – 254”

  1. (with thanks to Spike Jones and His City Slickers):

    Bears sleep in their little bear skins and they sleep very well I am told.
    Last night I slept in my little bear skin and I caught a heck of a cold!

  2. This is a cute little story, I hope. My buddies drop off containers for me all the time. I yap at them, bring back the containers or I won’t fill them up again. I put tape on the top and put “Return or will not refill”.

    That’s coz when I make a big vat of stew and dumplings, or real ham & pea soup, or chili, or autumn soup and sometimes quiche, they be needing to bring back the container to get refilled. 🙂 It’s all good but does anyone need a few hundred containers? I don’t know where they all have come from??? I love my friends. They’ve always been a source of support, and love…near and far.

  3. ” It’s your own damn fault Cletus, how many times do I have tell you, just cuz you wear the bear suit for the Annual Kodiak Celebration, doesn’t mean your a real bear. Now you gone and tried to catch those salmon and rusted up the zipper again. “

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