Downhill Extreme

Extreme sports at its best. ‘Rollerman’ Jean Yves Blondeau blasting high speed on mountain roads. It looks fun but also very dangerous.


I predict Infidel will say, “I want to do that.”


Best of 2011

I will defer to the queen of year end posts, Miss Cellania, who had compiled some great Year End Lists.

Here are just a few of my favorites from her lists:

… And many, many more. 

And let’s not forget these….

2011 Best Viral Videos

2011 Best Fails

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New Year’s Eve Open Mic

Open mic  New Year's Eve Saturday

It’s hard to believe another year bites the dust tonight.  The older I get the faster the time seems to go. 

Appropriately we went to the movies last night and saw the film New Year’s Eve.  It had quite a few stars in it including Robert DeNiro. Michelle Pfieffer, Hillary Swank, Halle Berry, Ashton Kutcher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Seth Meyers, Jon Bon Jovi, Katherine Heigl, Jessica Biel, Abigail Breslin and Zac Efron just to name a few.  It was very good.

New Year’s Eve will most likely be rather quiet around our house.  I think we’re just going to stay in and play some cards and/or watch the festivities on TV if I can stay up that late.

What are your plans for bringing in the new year? 

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?


New Year’s Eve

Loading 2012 ████████████████] 99.9% Complete


Happy New Year everybody! I know its a bit early but I often suffer from premature congratulations! My new year’s resolution is to improve my powers of concentra… oh look a butterfly


Now there are more overweight people in America than average-weight people. So overweight people are now average… Which means you have met your New Year’s resolution.


I made a new year’s resolution to stop being so optimistic about everything.

I’m 100% sure I can do it!


You know you have hit a new low when you celebrate New Year online on Facebook.


I’ve thought long and hard, and have decided on my New Year’s resolution.



I stopped making New Year Resolutions once I realized they were lasting no longer than my New Year Hangovers.


It’s a good job Apple isn’t in charge of New Year; we’d all be expecting 2012 and get 2011S instead.


My new year’s resolution is to save enough to buy a Velcro wall.

And I plan on sticking to it.


New Year’s celebrations already under way in Sydney.

Typical Aussies, can’t wait to start boozing.


Being a young person and trying to remember New Year’s Eve on New Year’s Day is how I’d imagine it is for an old person trying to remember the war. We’ve all got stories, but no one knows for sure what happened.


I’ll never forget our countdown to the new year. There were four of us, me, my wife and our one year old twins…But they don’t count.


A dog’s New Year’s Resolution:

I will not chase that stick unless I actually see it leave his hand!


I won’t be making any new year’s resolutions this year.

Last year I got all dizzy and felt sick.


I’ve broken my New Year’s resolution already.

I said I wouldn’t contradict myself this year and I just haven’t.


Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve.
Middle age is when you’re forced to.