The wrong Bits and Pieces

Rose saw this while visiting a friends house on Thanksgiving.  Every week or so I get an email asking about products in this catalog or requests to get the catalog or requests to stop sending the catalog.  I always reply telling them they probably want to get in touch with not

Bp magazine

Thanks Rose


10 thoughts on “The wrong Bits and Pieces”

  1. I order from this outfit every year for my kids and their spouses. They are trick hard to open wooden boxes that I fill with cash, they seem to dig it. The one who opens it first picks one of four wrapped gifts. After all the puzzles are opened they open the wrapped gifts and sometimes swap.

    Great story, eh?……

  2. A couple years ago my son opened a Christmas present packaged in a Bits and Pieces box. At first I was stunned that Jonco sent my son a present. Then a few seconds later I realized it came from this other Bits and Pieces from my mom. Complete coincidence, she doesn’t know about the real B&P. They have some cool stuff. No can koozies or BA t-shirts though.

  3. I love that company… Believe it or not that’s how I originally found B&P! I was searching for the puzzle companies website and found you! hehe 🙂

  4. I’ve always wanted to check out, but then my browser’s autofill will go there instead of here. Now, if I type in the first 2 characters (“bi”), it’ll just fill in the rest.

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