7 thoughts on “Curb Your Enthusiasm – Parkinson’s”

    • I miss him too, he was one of my favorites, I’m glad he still has a sense of humor. I knew as soon as I saw that magazine that was his father-in-law, or it was supposed to be.

  1. I saw an old episode of “Family Ties” on classic TV the other day. It was an episode about Alex’s friend dying. He ended up going to a shrink and it was done on like on a stage, as a play, with a black background where he could ‘walk’ into different parts of his life as he was talking to the shrink, and each little scene would light up as he went to that area. It was astonishing to see this, especially compared to the very lame sitcoms of today. MJF was really brilliant in it and it was so well done. Here’s part of it – http://youtu.be/cWFiI2TDXoc

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