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  1. People aren’t demonstratiing against capitalism but the buying of government by corporate lobbyists. The issue is the conduct of very large business not it’s existence. None of us are perfect but I prefer the conduct of Apple over newscorp anyday. Financial markets need regulation just like the highways what if lobbyists deregulated the highways and got rid of all that silly speed limit highway code red tape 🙂 Yeah commerce can’t exist without trust, and this guy dishonest characterising of protesters (who are diverse and can’t always protest because we’re at work) and his deliberately missing the point only pleases his boss who wants no regulations and no safety limits to protect anyone.

  2. This is so misinformed, it’s laughable.

    Jonco, you forgot to put this in the “funny” category. Maybe perhaps create an “ignorant” category while you’re at it.

    • I just thought it was interesting. Not all would find it funny nor ignorant. It’s like politics you have people on both sides.

  3. I’ve heard some of the interviews that were held with protestors here in Atlanta. Some of them were protesting the need to pay for college. A few thought that they should have guaranteed jobs waiting for them. Some were protesting the need for national defense. One was protesting reality television…Generation “me” in action.

  4. I wasn’t sure if it was some kind of super-Colbert irony going on, or if the guy is really that ignorant. It’s so dumb it’s not even funny.

  5. Not so sure I want to extend any thanks to Monsanto, but he does make some enlightened comments about the self-entitlement attitudes of some folks.

  6. I wish he had told what he had done on those three and a half days each year of his life. It would have so educational.

  7. They can’t begin to explain the whole problem on a sign. So the people protesting can only relate their personal experiences, from a system that is truly screwed up. That doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t fed up with a government bought and sold by big money, only that we don’t have the energy and gumption to join them in the streets… yet.

  8. Bill Whittle is hitting SOME nails on their heads. I see the overall picture as, the “system” has reached a point where MOST of the significant players have learned all the trick to facilitate their greed. “The American way”. We have reached a plateau where average citizen (at the mercy of the corporation / government) CANNOT improve it’s lot. (A stalemate, if you will) The younger population, in general, has been has become spoiled. What we need (personally, I’d hate to have to go through this)is a terrible depression and a Roosevelt “type” recovery and restructuring or, preferably, a separation of corporation & government.

  9. Brilliant, best vid portraying these little cry babies I have seen. Contribute nothing and demand everything….Hope and Change suckers.

  10. Great find, Bella! I’m amazed at all of the OWS sympathizers and how their first instinct is to call people ignorant. This guy did hit a truck full of nails on the head, and this movement is not only populated by an entire generation of ‘entitled’ spoiled brats that can’t even articulate what they want, but they aren’t even aware that they are pawns of people like George Sorros and organizations like SEIU and the unions. These lost souls think it’s okay to take over legitimate businesses and disrupt the lives of others because they think that they are the ‘down-trodden’, while they, for the most part, live in nice houses and enjoy the fruits of the very corporations that they protest. The “system” is not perfect, but I have yet to hear any better ideas from ANY of these people. Do they really think that their lives will become some kind of utopia if we start taxing the hell out of rich people and corporations? I wonder how many of them would then be willing to pay $1800 for their iPhone or $35 for their morning latte’? Yes, some corporations are greedy and selfish and want only to line the pockets of their CEO’s and shareholders (duh!), but a corporation is just a group of people trying to do some business. Hollywood has portrayed “corporations” as evil entities that ruin the perfect order of the world for decades and now we’re seeing the result of all of that cultural brainwashing. That’s all I have to say about that–feel free to start flinging the insults at me now.

    • Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Who do the protestors think make up corporations? It’s the investors like their parents, it’s the local county pension plan, it’s anyone trying to put their money to work in order to retire with something other than the Social Security that won’t be there thanks to the government.

      • MCW No-one gives you money because they want you to be rich, you have to have talent and good work. I’m not protesting the existence of corperations but they don’t make everything. All kinds of businesses do right down to sole traders. All business has to be conducted honourably, and no-one should buy the government. But that’s what’s been happening. Take the huge US arms industry. I can’t believe that 70% of US tax dollars are aspent on the military. I’m British, don’t you think the rest of the world not to mention NATO should pay their fair share for world security? What incentive have they when the US will do it for them. Cut that down to 10% of tax dollars and I’ve just saved you $600 billion a year. That’s 600 billion the rest of he world has to spend on thier own defence and 600 billion of US government money every year that can give a battered USA some TLC. I was at Occupy Bath yesterday where I live. The protesters are diverse with diverse views. But by chatacterizimg the protesters as stupid Fox news and their owners newscorp are trying to discredit ligitimate concerns about the conduct of large business which includes newscorp itself as it’s currently under investigation here for phone hacking. An investigation that reveal Murdoch himself had been to No.10, through the back entrance in horse gaurds parade 16 times in 6 months!!! WTF!! And what other big money influence has bought that kind of access. This is a democracy and so is the USA. I’m pretty sure if Fox news came to Occupy Bath they wouldn’t broadcast my views but those of the stupidist person they could find there.

        • Neither the British nor the U.S. is a democracy. The Brits are a Constitutional Monarchy and the U.S. is a Federal Republic. Don’t feel bad. Even the President doesn’t know the difference.

        • Jake, I’m sure you made some valid points, I just can’t figure out what they are(I’m not being facetious). And, when pinned down, most lefties will whip out the all-too-predictable “Fox News spreads lies” defense. I haven’t heard anyone say that the OWS protesters are stupid, just incoherent and unable to articulate ANY solutions. And, now they’ve starting becoming violent and have started to advocate total chaos and some sort of revolution wherein everything business-related is torn down and replaced with no-one-knows-what. BTW, According to the Cato institute, the U.S. devotes around 20% of all tax dollars to defense spending.

          • I just think instead of fighting each other and worrying about the views of a few people on the fringe who are a bit nuts and aren’t going to persuade anyone anyway, we should join together to focus on what has gone wrong and fix it. I’m socially liberal (gay rights etc) but I believe in fiscal responsibility and financial freedom and choice that fosters creativity so I usually agree with conservatives on that subject. My point is that rogue businesses with billions of dollars have bought out politicians who are earning only thousands and so are bribing and lobbying above their fair weight when their vote as individuals only weighs as much as yours or mine. So the banks are deregulated to please these lobbyists and the safety limits and controls are lifted so the the whole thing crashes. And my point too is that these big businesses don’t make everything. Employees and people with small businesses and meduim businesses do too. Were is our direct access that means we see the prime minister 16 times in 6 months!! We should all stop fighting each other and disguss who our politicians are working for. Those politicians don’t want that, they want us to fight each other so we’re divided. Thanks for clarification on the US defence spending I thought it seemed amazingly high. It’s still unfair at 20% though our defence only costs us around 7% http://www.ukpublicspending.co.uk/ Rosaveelt said beware the military industrial complex because with the arms companies it’s lobbying and making the USA spend more on defence than it needs. It’s not having a huge military that is the source of US pride but things like silicon valley and NASA that are totally amazing.

            Richard I am so up for England electing an Irish style president but keeping the royal ceremony so the crown sits on a “commoners” head 🙂 and I want a British federation with an independant Scotland too. I think those are all of my demands for now 🙂 ha ha

            • As far as ‘rogue’ businesses buying out politicians, certainly the politician must be corrupt and able to be bought before that can happen. For that, we need a quick but fair system to throw the bums out before the next election cycle when it’s proven that they have been compromised. And actually, it was Eisenhower in his farewell address that warned against the military-industrial complex.

  11. Coming from a wood chopping, water toting, animal skinning, food growing old fart myself, I think he was right on target.

    • ^ v … I absolutely agree with both of these statements. Right on the money Tehobu!

      I’m a tough broad but I somehow brought up a wimp.

      • And I have no one to blame but myself. I look at these sad fucken loosers that want it all. Work for it! Like I had to.

    • I am with you completely.
      If it’s so hard to find work, why are farmers crying about not having enough laborers to harvest their crops?
      Yeah, I may have it easy these days but I picked a shit-load of apples to get here.

  12. I’ll add this too. I think ever kid between their Jr. and Senior year of school should spend that time in a military like bootcamp.

  13. So true, I played soccer all my life, do not have a single trophy (best we did was third place). First year my daughter (now 20 yo) played about 1st grade, she got a trophy. I asked why since they have lost half of the games. “For participation” was the answer. Really? And we kept doing it over and over. This puts in our kids mind that, no matter how bad you do you are entitled to something,i.e.,does not matter my grades, I entitled to go to college, or does not matter if I perform good at my job, I am entitled to get a raise, or does not matter if I can afford it I entitled to a house. Wake up America! You will harvest what you have sowed, and you need to work hard at it to be rewarded!

    • In the youngest baseball & soccer leagues here, they don’t even keep score of the games. Kids and even parents are instructed to not cheer or show emotion when the team, umm, “scores”. At the end of the season every kid on every team gets the same trophy. Breeding out the desire to perform beyond oneself and to succeed, or to deal with defeat and want to do better next time. Way to learn about real life. Now we’re seeing the results.

      • Haven’t seen this video yet so I don’t know what it has to do with kids’ soccer. As for the trophies, my daughter loves sports especially softball and getting one of those trophies was no big deal to her. My son isn’t nearly as interested in sports but when his sister’s trophies started piling up, he decided he was going to get as many or more trophies. That’s the only way we got him to play t-ball, baseball, and now soccer. He’s nine now and loves soccer even though he doesn’t get a trophy anymore. Soccer season is over now but he goes out several times a day after school to kick his ball around and plays soccer with other kids during lunch recess at school. I think the price of a few cheap plastic trophies was well worth it for him. As for scoring and cheering, they play to score and us parents scream and cheer all through the games. Kids and parents all have a blast.

  14. Finally got around to watching the video…makes perfect sense to me. Get off your ass, quit whining and make your own way in the world. I’ve been doing it for over 30 years and am getting along fine.

    This talk from occupiers of redistributing wealth. phhhttt
    Distribute my damn work ethic and leave my wealth alone.

  15. Wow…this is an interesting mix of comments. There are two very distinct perspectives on this video. I wonder about the backgrounds of the commenters. I’m 57, male, Veteran (NOTE: Happy 236th Birthday to the Marine Corps today), college grad, and I’ve worked over 45 years counting work on farms as a kid.

    I may be quite surprised, but for some reason, I think the folks generally agreeing with him as I do, have a similar background.

  16. Bill Whittle is well-spoken and well-researched, especially from a form leftie.

    The nice thing about the USA is that anyone with the drive can succeed. The success will take a lot of hard work and perhaps years, but it will come. Of course, doing the research to know what education you need to do a job you like certainly helps rather than getting a degree in underwater basket weaving or women’s studies, but in order to succeed, you must think.

    On a side note, I think most of the “Occupy” folks here in the USA vote democratic–I wonder if they know that is the party the Wall Street Corporations support?

    But what gives me the most pause about the Occupy Wall Street is that it is approved and supported by the US Nazi Party and the US Communist Party (one link: http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/17/red-white-and-angry%E2%80%A8-communist-nazi-parties-endorse-occupy-protests/ )

  17. “approved and supported by the US Nazi Party and the US Communist Party”

    Wow, so what? It’s not like they asked for those support. What does that proves? It’s pretty similar to the “IBM sold stuff to the nazis so they are nazis” argument.

    What many folks don’t seems to understand is that is a popular movement so of course there is a lot of weirdos and rich kids or bored teenagers among them. But it’s not because you see a spoiled kid with a sign that the whole movement is wrong.
    The message isn’t polished like a typical political or corporate public-relation operation. But I find the core message important and very true.

  18. Another popular movement is the Tea Party, but I don’t recall it being supported by the Nazis and the Reds and rich kids or bored teens (but maybe a few weirdos).

  19. I think it’s pretty obvious no-one would welcome being supported by the Nazi’s 🙂 The point is there are people with big monwey who are an amazing asset to everyone but there are people with big money who are buying politicians and buying the law in their favour. They own media companies and they’re setting us against each other so we’re divided. Protesting has it’s place but I much prefer creativity. If students are paying huge sums for college, isn’t all the course information available online? http://www.onlinedegreeworld.com/blog/2009/100-best-websites-for-free-adult-education/

    I have a sneaking suspician that if a validation company validated anyones self taught knowledge or life experience and awarded degrees a lot of people who are suppose to be unacademic but have useful life experience would have degrees coming out of their ears 🙂

  20. I think those corporations are working for their shareholders rather than their customers. It is these shareholders who have so many entitlements – not just a car with air-conditioning, but a jet. Not just an apartment, but several mansions…
    You get the picture.
    The Occupy Wall Street people are perhaps a bit incoherent and unsure of what they want.
    The ‘one-per-centers’ know exactly what they want.

    • The shareholders all have jets and mansions? I think you might want to do a little research on just who ‘shareholders’ are. Anyone that buys stock is, by definition, a ‘share’ holder. That includes millions of people who want their money to work for them or just have a vested interest in a 401k or mutual fund. That is no where near the 1% we keep hearing about. Shareholders are the part of the 99% that have jobs n’ stuff.

      • Nowadays, it seems that according to Democrats, anyone making more than minimum wage is part of the 1%.
        By the way, Jake, your comments might make more sense if you used spellcheck and an occasional punctuation mark…

  21. I think he missed the point entirely. The opinion that the younger generation has an entitlement problem is not what OWS is about. (For me anyway.) Point out any group of 100 or more people and I can walk through and find and “entitled” 20 something, an idiot, or a clown to interview on TV to make the whole group look like fools. OWS is about the FACT that the government (not just Democrats or Republicans) has been bought and paid for by big business. If you want to talk about entitled attitudes, I would point you to the hedge fund bankers who gutted the world economy, got bailed out (by you and me) then cried about people not wanting them to have BILLIONS in bonuses. They should have been looking at jail time. I could go on, but the bile is eating a hole in my throat.

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