Sunday Confession – Tired of pretending

Sunday confession

Sometimes I tire of pretending to be human.


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5 thoughts on “Sunday Confession – Tired of pretending”

  1. Nobody – what species are you? Are you tired of seeing yourself sprayed across the Internet playing the keyboards?

    Like “Tired” in the post below, my guess is that there is something in your life that needs changed–or your attitude towards it needs changed. Are you in a job that requires you to be outgoing but you are an introvert? That can make you tired of being human.

    I think what will help is to look for a change. The change can be small–like changing your attitude towards work or whatever is making you tired–or more major like changing jobs and/or moving to a new city. Or maybe a nice, relaxing vacation will help–I know I am feeling burned out and a vacation is what I need.

  2. But 7 Billion other people do it everyday. So cry me a river. Maybe stop thinking all about you? Or stop pretending. Be yourself.

  3. Well, I don’t know how one would pretend to be human coz I is one.

    Sometimes folks tend to pretend that they are of super intelligence and above the rest.

    *sigh* I’m not so sure that this is the case here.

  4. The following came in anonymously. I think it’s from the same confessor so I’m adding it here.

    I wish somebody would understand the feeling of having no emotions. Faking them for your whole life, just to fit in, is not good and it makes relationships no fun at all.

  5. Ooooh, you have to do something for yourself. You only have one life to live and this is it. No extensions. Pull up your panties and get on with it. I wish you happiness.

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