Four days in L.A.

My time is up for this trip to the City of Angels, Los Angeles.  Here are some thoughts on my brief time here.

BlogWorld:  It was interesting… smaller than I expected, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  There were things I expected to see that weren’t here, and things that I didn’t expect to see that were.

I only had the one day Expo Pass which allowed me to go to the Expo and a couple of Keynote sessions.  I went to one keynote session that featured the CEO of Technorati.  She gave a report on the current status of the blogosphere and there was a shot Q&A session afterwards.  There were a lot of stats that I normally don’t think about but I found them quite interesting. I think the next time I go I won’t be so cheap and will go for the whole package because I think I’d enjoy the breakout sessions by various speakers.

I’ve been blogging for almost ten years and spent very little time on the business part of blogging for most of that time.  I predominantly focused on content and very little on the business end. After people told me I could make a little money I put ads on the site a couple years ago and that helps with expenses.  I want to look into the business part of blogging a little more seriously in the future.  That means doing more with social media and stuff like that.

Traffic:  Traffic on the highways is just hideous.  I finally figured out that I could take the streets and get everywhere a lot faster, especially during rush hour which seems to be from about 4:00 am to 3:59 am.  Everywhere I went was less than 30 minutes from my hotel in Marina Del Rey.

I also learned that in Los Angeles yellow traffic signals mean nothing at all.  They just add a little color to the scenery.  Red traffic lights mean that 3 more cars can go through after it changes.  I also learned that pedestrian crosswalks are sacred and people take them very seriously as one gentleangryman pointed out.

Dining:  I hardly ate while I was in L.A.  I had a small continental breakfast at my hotel each morning (cereal, cinamon roll, fruit and some juice).  I think the only other food I had was a sandwich at iHop near my hotel one night, a couple tacos at Jack in the Box, chicken dinner from Pollo Loco and a burger at In and Out.  Friday after returning from BlogWorld I discovered a little BBQ joint in Venice (not far from my hotel) called Baby Blues BBQ.  Baby blues bbq

I love places like this.  It’s not fancy at all.  All the tables and chairs ate mismatched and there is various old memorabilia on the walls.  By definition you’d think memorabilia would be old, but in this case I feel the need to ad old to the description.  Some might prefer to call it junk rather than memorabilia, but I found it interesting.

The food was excellent.  I had a BBQ chicken breast sandwich that had coleslaw piled on top of it.  It had sauce on it but you could add more from the four bottles on each table.  I sampled all four varieties; one marked BBQ, sweet, hot and one labeled XXX.  The sweet was excellent to my tastes.  The others were hotter and even more hotter.  The XXX was properly labeled. WOW!  The place reminded me of Bubba’s in Dallas Texas that we visited last year.  I would definitely go back to Baby Blues BBQ.

Now… back home to St. Louis.


10 thoughts on “Four days in L.A.”

  1. we have plenty of those @ssholes here that run red lights and then they are stuck at the intersection and guess what….the people waiting to go cant move because of those clowns that blocked everything,I wish I had a M1 tank to plow through them

  2. Did you know Los Angeles is in the Bible?
    Song of Solomon 6:11,”I went down into the garden of nuts to see the fruits of the valley.”

    • I grew up in Washington D.C. which is designed with traffic circles. I also wonder why more of our cities don’t use them.

    • Traffic circles take up lots of real estate. May work in a new development, but not where property is already expensive.

  3. Jon,
    Sounds like most of where you ate was chains. I’m sorry to hear that.

    Near MDR, in Culver City next door, is a great little hole-in-the-wall Cuban place that I always enjoy. I recommend you stop there on your next trip back. You would not have been a very far drive.

    And of course you should have gone up to Chez Jay in Santa Monica near the RAND building. Its been there forever and never changes.
    A westside classic. One of my fav places for seafood in LA.

  4. My hubby & I were just bemoaning the traffic situation here — identical to your experience in CA. Pedestrians don’t even bother looking either way, they just go. The swerving to change lanes, no signals, speeding…awful.

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