The hidden oil wells of Los Angeles

As somebody who lives in Los Angeles, it was particularly shocking to see this video which reveals that the majority of the city – including such landmarks as Beverly Hills High School, the Beverly Center shopping mall, and the Farmer’s Market – are actually built on top of functioning oil wells. The video explains how the city hides its massive oil drilling in plain sight of its residents. Pretty interesting stuff.


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8 thoughts on “The hidden oil wells of Los Angeles”

  1. I’ve known it… I always knew it… and I knew the oil people have been lying to us all along! There is no shortage, or justification for the prices we pay.

  2. wow..around here they don’t bother hiding them, of course i’m just 10 min from Bradford, pa home of Kendall, Quaker state, Pennzoil
    my 5 acres have 2 wells on it and the parents 50 acres have 19..don’t have the oil rights but do get gas from them

  3. I remember seeing a documentary not all that long ago about how Big Oil killed off any chance of LA getting anything like a public/rapid transit system and coerced (bribed?) city “officials” to do so.

    I think this goes back to the 30’s. Hence today’s “highway system” in the LA area. I’ve been in it a couple of times, just sheer madness. 8 lanes bumper to bumper crawling along at 0-20 mph on freeways for an hour or more just to get to work. Then at 5:00 do it again to get home. Repeat tomorrow.

    People in that area measure distances in time not miles.

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