19 thoughts on “Elevator hack”

  1. Urban legend. It ony works if you have an “Independant Service” key. An elevator that would work like this on automatic would be a violation of safety codes. 35 years as an elevator tech qualifies me to make this statement.

  2. This works. I have used it a bunch of times when I was delivering to buildings. I am on a time limit and waiting around sucks. I only did it if I was the only one in there, but it works.

  3. Scott, see Roger above. You may not have stopped at other floors when you did this, but that just means no one else wanted to use the elevator at that time.

    • I’ve never been in a building that had a 13th floor out here…it’s because of bad luck, nobody ever wants to stay on the 13th floor. Not sure about 4, 14 or 24 though, that’s weird.

    • IIRC, the Japanese see 4 as an unlucky number and don’t use it in their buildings, same as a lot of US buildings don’t have a 13th floor.

    • It’s probable a lift in Hong Kong. Cantonese people believe the number 4 to be an inauspicious number because of the way it sounds. To put it in word from, it is “Si” and it sounds the same as dying/death. That why cantonese or most chinese believe the number 4 to be an inauspicious number.

  4. My job requires lots of travel and many hotels. I’ve tried this in different hotels, different states and it doesn’t work. (I still try it, hoping for that one “YESSS” moment)

  5. I just tried it in a two story building and it worked every time. Worked going down too, so that must be for quick escapes…

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