Halloween costumes

Lost dogI went to a Halloween party last night.  We had a couple dozen people there some dressed better than  others.  The best costume went to Sandy who dressed as an old woman who’d lost her dog.

Werewolf of jerries  The hunter

What costume ideas do you or your friends use?


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  1. Not really a costume gal. But relented one year to get with the program for a party. Black outfit, took 2 dollar bills hooked on my post earrings – so i was a “buccaneer.”

  2. About five years ago, I had a last minute idea to pass out candy as Santa Claus. My beard was longer then than you’ve seen it, Jonco, so a cheap Santa hat from the dollar store, my reading glasses, a bulky red sweatshirt, and some low lighting made for a pretty good off-season Santa. The little kids were totally stunned when I’d open the door, and the parents loved it.
    The next year I didn’t do it, and quite a few parents whispered to me that their kids had remembered and were looking for Santa again. So ever since, I let my beard get longer and fuller for a couple of months, put a Christmas wreath on the front door, and on Halloween night I pass out around 75-100 candy canes and tell them to be good.

    • That’s great DJ. I can pass on most holidays except St. Paddy’s Day and Halloween. Me – St. Paddy’s Day (It’s the Irish in me) and Halloween for the kids. It’s so fun to watch how excited they get and what a good time they are having.
      I love that lady with the dog stuck in her ass, will have to remember that. The cereal killer one is good too.

  3. I went as Wilford Brimley this year. I won the funniest costume category at work.


  4. Years ago, wore a set of LARGE clothes filled with rolled up newspaper. Wore a blank mask, cowboy hat, work gloves & old boots. Shirt tied at wrists. Pants tied at ankles. “Sat by the bowl of candy on the front porch.(in other words, a scarecrow.) Scared the hell out of the teenagers. Stayed VERY still and fooled an older daughter & grandsons who had come to trick or treat only to find “no one” at home. Best Halloween I can remember.

  5. I went out saturday and was the skeleton lady gaga:


    At work, we dressed up as different versions of lady gaga:


    My niece dressed up like Justin Bieber LOL:


  6. My son, 11, is almost as tall as me. We went trick or treating as Spy vs. Spy. I got nearly as much candy as he did. No one knew I wasn’t a child. It was great, and we had a lot of fun. Had half a dozen ppl stop us to take pictures.

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