8 thoughts on “Mike Rowe celebrates dirty jobs”

  1. This is where politics went wrong. Reminds me of what a history teacher once said. Being a politician shouldn’t be a career. The people we vote for should be leaders who have done dirty jobs. They know what life is like and know how to represent others. We’ve been voting for the wrong people for years. These career politicians have never done dirty jobs and have never experienced that moment of clarity.

    Remember our founding fathers who actually led and fought in battles and worked on their farms and ran their own businesses and raised a family to do the same before forming and leading our country and have been admired for over two centuries? Could you imagine what kind of country we’d have if our current politicians were our founding fathers? Yikes!

    • The job of US Congressman was supposed to be this way. It was supposed to be average person for two years. Now we get professional congressmen, sponsored by corporate interest, in the life.

  2. That was awesome! Not only do we need peeps doing real work (dirty jobs), but we need in the USA to really do manufacturing again….enough with “Made in Asia,” let’s make our stuff and get back to what Ford and others thought would make a great country.

  3. I have noticed on days where I have to work outside with the service I sell, I come home absolutely happier than days where I was on the computer. And three quarters of that day was surfing the web of nonsense. I can subscribe to his theory of dirty jobs makes people happier.

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