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Sunday confession

I actually really don’t like the direction of the site: I don’t browse there for 8 aspiring music videos and an open mic post. I browse there because you’ve always managed to come up with several hilarious and interesting pictures, jokes, or videos. I’ve been checking B&P less frequently because of these recent changes. My suggestion would be to start up another site, like Bits of Wisdom or Naughty Bits, and post the music videos there, or maybe even just add them to Bits of Wisdom.

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27 thoughts on “Sunday Confession – Unhappy reader”

  1. I completely disagree, it’s interesting, and it only happens one day a week, which is hardly a grand change for the site.

    I say keep it up.

  2. I, too, like the music videos on Saturdays. It’s a good day off anyways, so it fits perfectly. But I do agree with Jonco that I look more for unknown or upcoming artists more than established artists.

  3. B&P isn’t JUST a humor site…some of the posts are also sad, or poignant, or (gasp) even educational. And we’ve celebrated and grieved with Jonco and other B&Pers as well here.
    I agree 100% with Sander. Seeing what incredible work amateur musicians are doing, most from their own homes without professional recording equipment, is astonishing and encouraging. And it’s only for one freakin day a week!

    • I agree, it is after all, called Bits and Pieces, not Jokes and Ha Has I presume that means there are bits and pieces of everything on here. I may be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time nor the last I’m sure.

  4. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again — I love this site! It’s never the same old, same old. Although Though an item may not be my cup of tea, there’s always many things I enjoy. Every day I look forward to what’s been gathered and amazed: where the heck does Jonco find all this stuff? So as not to get boring, he’s adding not taking away the things we’ve come to expect. Keep up the good work! I’m here to stay.

  5. I like the Saturday music videos. Especially the homegrown ones.

    Not too sure how Confession Sundays will work out. I suppose you can just put them up one random Sunday when you get a few. Do the confessors want any absolution or comments?

  6. I may not be thrilled with every post on the site, but that’s the great thing about it! If I’m not interested, I just skip over it to the next thing I find interesting. The thing I love about this site is the sheer variety of things you find here. I’m willing to skip over a few lame posts to find the gold scattered abundantly around the site!

  7. I think there ought to be at least one Matt Williams video a week but that’s just me. I like the change up on Saturdays because there is always new music or at least new artists, and that’s not something too many sites offer. If I don’t like it I’ll just go see what Infidel is hitting at Naughty.

    • Aww, thanks you lot. I agree with you of course 😀
      I love this site and the community here – even though I never seem to have as much time to spend here as I used to.
      I think it’s Jonco’s place and he should run it as he sees fit. Sometimes there are articles or items that do not appeal to me but I have developed a rather cunning plan over the years that involves simply not reading/playing/clicking the ones that fall into that category.

  8. Sorry guys, I agree. I’m reading the site less and less. The confessions thing interests me the least – and my feeling on the video is “meh” at best. Sorry Jonco.

    • No need to be sorry. We’re all different. I’ve always said that I don’t expect ANYONE to like everything I post….Hell, I don’t even like it all. Hopefully you’ll find enough that you DO like to keep you coming back. If not, that’s OK. I appreciate the times that you did stop by for a visit.

  9. I agree with “dissatisfied”, and “Mary” at the same time. Jonco does an outstanding job, and that’s what makes the site so popular. The videos, confessions, etc seem to have over-taken the original concept of what made the site popular to begin with — humor and interesting stories/facts. With that being said, keep up the great work and dedication

  10. I don’t care that the video’s are there, I don’t watch them. I’m limited to 5 gigs a month.(videos are gig eaters for me) I am on a SLOW connection, so the animated GIF’s are what really ruins a page for me.. they take forever to load, and so the rest of the page doesn’t load until they do… but I bear with it because I like the site. I’ve liked it for years. Keep up the good work Jonco!!

  11. I love the variety on this site.

    The music on Saturdays is really no different from any other day. Jonco has been posting stuff like that for as long as I’ve been coming around, it’s just now he posts more on Saturdays.

    As for Friday, it is just one post, a very interesting post. Just like any other story Jonco may post here.

    And as for Sunday, this is just the second week.

    I think Jonco has been doing a great job!

  12. Advice to the complainer…
    Use Google Reader. Subscribe to Bits and Pieces. Then just click on the posts that interest you. Very simple.
    You can do this for heaps of blogs. A great filter and time saver.

  13. I like the extra music. I don’t care what Jonco posts as long as I get to read good comments. Also, I must be a little masochistic, because I keep hoping for a little PUNishment. (You know who I’m talking about.)

  14. I LOVE the music examples! All of the videos are in line with the other quirky selections that you choose. All of the consistent visitors to your site are of the same ilk and share your quirky tastes. The new addition to your platform offerings is a refreshing addition and I hope everyone will grow with you! I will and so will my 250 music students. Smile!


    • Jonco….I think we’ve just been called ilk and quirky! Rouse up the brethren and tell us what we’re supposed to think about this!!!!

  15. Perhaps all comments to confessions should be in the form of a priest’s direction for penance. For this confession, I would suggest something like: Visit and sin no more.

  16. I check your sites every night and personally love the music posts. I don’t watch all of them but do find interesting stuff once in a while.

  17. Considering the fees we are charged to view Jonco’s sites and how outrageously wealthy they are making him, I have one thing to say . . .
    Thank you, Jonco!

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