5 thoughts on “Caltex commercial”

  1. The man who did the voiceover, Bud Tingwell died a couple of years ago. During the war, he trained in Australia and Canade, arriving in England in 1943 as a Spitfire pilot. He did over 80 missions as a photo reconnaissance pilot in the Middle East flying Spitfires and Mosquitos. Quite the war hero.
    His career was as an actor, both in England and Australia. I interviewed him in 2008, a thorough gentleman. Not long before he died I spoke to him after a lengthy stay in hospital. His comment was it was a bit hard, “but the nurses were pretty”.
    He would have been about the same age as the actress in this commercial when it was made.

  2. Bud Tingwell was another favourite of mine. The actress in the add is also in a lot of stuff but I can’t recall her name. I miss Bud. He was one of those celebrities that you grow up with and feel like you actually know. I wish I had of.

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