6 thoughts on “Animoog for the iPad”

  1. I don’t think this app will ever cost more then 99cents. 40 People will buy it for a buck or more than 1 will buy it for $30 bucks.

  2. You CAN run a guitar through it with the instrument adapter, and there’s a dock thing for iPads that adds ports like instrument plugs and MIDI, I think it’s called iO Dock. And I LOVE this app, it’s a helluva lot easier to carry around than Keith Emerson’s moog modules tower (image would be attached if I could figure it out lol, I was lucky enough to meet Keith and Greg last year). This thing is amazing, and I’ve played with Moog equip since the Mini.

  3. I had a mini-moog about 35 years ago – and I’m sure the iPad and this software has 100x the power of that thing (which was amazing in its time). This sucker is even polyphonic, which my mini wasn’t. Thanks for the info, Jonco! Purchased and installed.

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