B&P Link Dump

JAWS neaonIs that Steve Job’s face in that apple?

Cool and useful kitchen tools

Why there are bumps on your nipples

Movie titles in neon  Right arrow2

Light-footed apartment tour

Inside Ray Charles’ offices and recording studios

A Brief History of the Orient Express

What seniors should be taught in high school

Motorcyclist sets off speed camera without his bike

Trivia Tidbit: Ever wonder why the Guinness World Records book and the beer Guinness share the same name? It’s not a coincidence. The book was created by a man named Hugh Beaver, who, one night at a bar, got into an argument over which European game bird was the fastest. Realizing that there was not a go-to reference for this, Beaver aimed to put one together — and then use it as a marketing giveaway for the company he worked for, Guinness Breweries. The book proved to be a success in its own right, and became the bestseller we are now all familiar with.  via

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  1. I always heard the bumps on nipples were braile for “suck here”
    All those kitchen gadgets can be replaced by a good paring knife.

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