10 thoughts on “Almost a full moon”

  1. If you had a tracking telescope, you can mount the camera on that telescope to track the moon and take a long exposure picture.

  2. Nice one!
    You can also take videos with a higher zoom factor by choosing the 640×480-Crop-Mode in the video settings. The image is then NOT scaled down from Full-HD-Video: instead, the camera records the center 640×480 pixels of the chip, therefore providing a higher zoom factor…
    Uhm, don’t know if you know what I mean, just have a look here: http://www.cameralabs.com/reviews/Canon_EOS_550D_Rebel_T2i/movie_mode.shtml (video example of crop mode at the end of the page, also works for T3i)
    Cheers 🙂

  3. Hey moon experts, what is that huge crater thing (lower right) that looks like it has rays going almost half way around the moon? No atmosphere, so it wasn’t carried in the air.

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