10 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to the Canuckians”

  1. I`m thankful our Thanksgiving is not a month away from Christmas and we can have Remembrance Day in between.

  2. Krisgo, I’m Thankful that I’m looking at the grass from the right side. The roots would be the shits. 😉
    I’m thankful for my friends that help me on a daily basis, and I help them too. This body may be filled with bad stuff, but I still keep going. Never give up. And for that, I THANK

  3. Great family, steady employment and good health are at the top of my list. Oh, and I’m thankful that the only military conflict I’ve experienced personally is War if 1812 reenactments. (The Canuckians are still winning, by the way.)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Bella!
    I am not Canadian but we don’t have a Thanksgiving Day here and as we are both members of the Commonwealth I will join in (if you don’t mind).
    I am grateful for Bella. You inspire me, make me stronger and give me hope. You amaze me. xxoo

  5. Not too different from our American friends. Turkey, potatoes, stuffing, pies, etc… Probably more people watched hockey than football. My extended family in Winnipeg are certainly grateful for the return of the Jets.

    What is this Canadian MOST grateful for this past weekend? The fact that it was 80+ degrees F a third of the way through October. I’ve seen snow on previous Turkey Days, so this was a nice change.

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