Theraputic horseback riding

My friend Michele is an instructor for this wonderful organization and she could use your help in receiving up to $15,000 in grants from Monsanto.

Horse therapyEquine-Assisted Therapy, Inc has but one purpose; that is to provide horsemanship experiences to persons with mental, physical, and psychological disabilities in order to enhance the quality and productivity of their lives.

It may seem less like therapy and more like play, but equine-assisted therapy really can help those with physical and mental disabilities.  While there is little controlled research on the subject, physical therapists progress notes, as well as reports from physicians, teachers, and parents testify to its benefits.  These benefits include improved respiration, circulation, balance, and body metabolism along with greater muscle strength and agility.  The warmth and motion of the horse mimicking that of the human body can also reduce muscle spasticity in the legs, back, neck and arms.   Mounting, dismounting and grooming are also useful in enhancing range of motion. 

Psychosocial benefits reported are improvements in self-esteem, self-image, and interpersonal skills.  Many patients also become more outgoing and autistic children have been known to communicate spontaneously for the first time with a horse!

Here’s a video showing what they do

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EquineThe  therapy program is trying to win a contest for money to support our program.  If you go to this site you can vote for us up to 100 times a day and help us win.  You will need to search for ‘Equine’ and it will  take you to our voting page. 

Look for this logo (right) to know you’re on the Equine Assisted Therapy’s ballot page. Danielle is the name it is under.

Equine Assisted Therapy’s website                          Vote Here

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  1. I’m all for St. Louis, but Monsanto is chock full of awful. I’m not about to participate in anything with them. Sorry Jonco & Michele – they’re just too scary. 🙁

  2. You may have some trouble finding any socially-aware, environmentally-conscious people to lend their efforts to a Monsanto-sponsored soire.

  3. I voted. The only thing they got from me was a worthless email address. Plus, if they see a ground swell of support for worthy causes they might realize they are important and readjust their business model. Could happen. Probably not, but it could. It cut me off after 20 votes.

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