Last September moon

I took these two pictures of the moon tonight.  The first one was a little before dark and the second one about an hour later.  I used the Auto setting on both photos with a new 55–250mm zoom lens (zoomed all the way in) and hand held.  The second phot is a little blurry, but not bad considering I didn’t use a tripod.  This lens has image stabilization built in.  I think I’ll get better results on the full moon with this lens even if it’s a little shorter zoom, especially when using a tripod.

 Moon Sep30a Moon Sep30b


9 thoughts on “Last September moon”

    • I don’t remember the settings now. I usually take several with various setting to see what works best. I guess I should write them down. Sometime I remember and post it with the picture. Just Google taking moon pictures and you’ll get all kinds of suggestions.

    • B&Per Sander suggested starting out with these: ISO 400, f 6.3, 1/640th, then work from there depending on results. Did ok here, but I need a better zoom lens to make me happy.

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