Friday Firesmith – Going to Pot

Today we’re kicking off a weekly column by Mike Firesmith.  Mike lives in rural Georgia with his three dogs and describes himself as… A writer.  My writing reflects the things I see, think, and experience, and those things in my past that have led me to be me. It is not always pretty, it is not always funny, and no one has ever made mention of my life as a Disney Movie.  Mike writes regularly at his site:  The Hickory Head Hermit

Going to Pot
Friday firesmithThe problem with behavior laws is not all people behave the same way.  Let’s take a law that makes sense to everyone, and work our way down. It ought to be against the law for someone to break into your house in the middle of the night and steal things you’ve worked hard for, or managed to win playing poker with your drunk friends. I believe, and so do many others, that a person has a right to own a gun, in the event of such an occurrence. The problem is the same people you were playing poker with while they were lit up doing tequila shots might pull a gun on the local McDonald’s drive through window operator when they refuse to supersize an order of fries at six in the morning. While we would all like to think drinking and gun ownership are god given rights the truth of the matter is the two are nearly almost always a very bad idea when they come together at the same time after three in the morning.

    Now, if your friend Dave gets drunk, loses all his money playing poker, goes out and pulls a gun on some minimum wage drive through operator and then wrecks his pick-up truck trying to get away from some mop wielding college freshman who was cleaning up at McDonald’s, is the fault of the gun, the truck, the tequila, the poker, or the food at McDonald’s?

Laws can be passed against all the above, have been passed to stop all of the above, and all of these laws have pretty much failed and failed miserably. Okay, there are no laws against pick-up trucks yet, but I do see that coming.

    So we agree there ought to be against stealing and killing and breaking into other people’s houses, but we can see where those laws trying to keep us from drinking, playing poker, or eating bad food might be a little too much to really do well if at all. In fact, if there is a law passed to prevent people from behaving in a certain way, someone is going to find some way to make money off of the law, and that’s the real reason a lot of these laws exist today.

Pot leaf    Think about it; if you have a drug that basically mellows people out, causes them to laugh uncontrollably at Adam Sandler movies, and eat French Fries, what real harm is coming of this, except to encourage more Adam Sandler movies? Sure, there ought to be a law against those things, honestly, but is that the real reason pot is illegal? Why is pot illegal? Few people realize this drug was outlawed in the 1930’s because someone figured out how to make paper out of hemp, which is what pot is, at one third the cost of wood pulp. The paper industry, and the tree industry, made a big fuss out of how dangerous smoking pot could be, and the next thing you know pot is a bigger sell than timber, which by the way, is also not an accident. The people selling pot can claim the price is so high because it’s illegal and who is going to sue them? Illegal also means unregulated and that war down in Mexico is capitalism on meth, literally.

    Those who tell you the government can keep you sober, skinny, and away from both Adam Sandler and cannabis, educate your kids, and regulate Wall Street, have been smoking some truly good stuff, mon. Look at the things the government has done well, does well, and is likely to do well, and then ask yourself if you feel good about any new law about to be passed. Your friend Dave is less dangerous than your local representative to the Senate. No one is going to bribe Dave into starting a war so someone can sell bullets and bombs.

    Pot isn’t as dangerous as laws against it have proved to be. Guns laws have proved to be laughable except they are a slippery slope. Food laws, in trying to make restaurants change their menu so that fat people who refuse to exercise and eat right are protected from themselves are just plain weird. The laws are stupid when they are telling me I can’t own a pit bull dog because some moron is keeping one in an apartment the size of a closet with three kids and no back yard.

    Personal responsibility and accountability cannot be written into code but they can be taught. When we set the government up to tell us when we are bad for ourselves they are writing into code personal irresponsibility and a nation of sheeple. I have a gun, three large dogs, a pick-up truck, and I don’t smoke pot. Laws countering any of this, or allowing any of this, are not going to affect me one damn bit.

Take Care,

Mike writes regularly at his site:  The Hickory Head Hermit

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27 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – Going to Pot”

  1. 10-ass-4 Mr. Firesmith! Some of the greatest immorality in the history of the world is the result of trying to legislate away immorality.


  2. Ok, enough of the kudos. 🙂
    I believe part of the purpose is to serve as a sounding board and spot for any intelligent debate or discourse the various topics might bring. Quite frankly, as the initial treatise, there will probably be few that will see this as an overly hot or devisive topic. Pot laws can be viewed as more overreaching from the nanny state, an interference with State rights, or just a misplaced sentiment trying to protect the people from the “Gateway” drugs. But, the fears of Reefer Madness are behind us. I realize there is an older populace that may still be terrified of the drug-crazed maniacs puffing on a blunt, but reality has shown that, as Mike states, Mary Jane does not automatically lead someone to Meth any more that Ding Dongs do. Legalize it and tax it. It’s no more risk than alcohol. Additionally, that would eliminate the illegal market. Will there be abuse? Well, duuhhh…of course. But Darwin is everywhere and would show up without legalized marijuana too.

  3. Mike, I wish I wrote as well as you. I enjoyed that. Jonco, thanks for starting this. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

  4. It’s all fun and games until some idiot pothead plows through my kids playing in front of the house because he couldn’t manage his Buick very well while looking at the flying colors around him.

    Yeah… really cool.

    • Very true. But that’s why there are laws against driving under the influence, laws against driving while texting, and laws against distracted driving. There are also laws against folks doing 80 in a 35, but it still happens. In each of these instances, it’s not the pot, the alcohol, the cellphone, or the engine that’s the problem. The problem is the irresponsible idiot behind the wheel.

      • True, HOWEVER, How are those laws to keep the drunks off the streets working out? THEY ARE NOT. At least people drink at night when my kids are inside the house. Pot heads are getting high at all hours of the day.

        Like I said, It’s all fun and games…

        • I never disagree with anyone that has so much passion for their children. We need more caring parents like you.

        • I’ve mentioned it before, and don’t want to make a big deal about it here now. Because of my medical condition, I’m allowed to smoke, pop pot pills, put it in brownies, whatever….because of the excruciating rib pain that I have. (not every day, only once in a while) I understand Duuude what you’re saying, but just legalize it already, and half the jails will be cleaned out. Leave the rapist, murderers, baby (can’t say it), and badass f@#kers to ROT. Get them fellows that had the big grow ops to work for the gubberment, and get employment rolling again.

          I will not get behind the wheel of my vehicle, while taking my meds. But I have to take my meds.

  5. Excellent article! Something to look forward to on Friday nights other than my non existent social life!

  6. Jarrod they are parroting mine. I’ve been saying these things for decades now and I’m pretty sure you’ll never hear the words ‘Drill here Drill now” come out of my mouth, and you sure as hell won’t hear me say “The rich will save us if we don’t tax them”

    And Sarah Palin is a moron.

  7. Jonco – I know I’m biased, but what a great idea to feature Mike’s writing!!!

    Mike – You have such an ability to slice through to the core of an issue, while at the same time offering a perspective that is new to me and makes me think. I open and grow. Can’t wait to see what you post next. Don’t tell me, even if I beg! 🙂

    • I agree. I always enjoy reading his pieces, as he has a way of looking at something that I’ve not thought of. I trust his comments to always be sincere and thought provoking.

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