A few changes on B&P

A couple of changes you’ll see in the next couple of days….

Friday Firesmith: B&P reader, and writer, Mike Firesmith will be writing a column for Bits & Pieces every Friday.  We’re going to call his column Friday Firesmith.  It’ll appear early tomorrow morning and hopefully every Friday until he runs out of lead in his pencil.

Song Saturdays: On Saturdays I’m going to post some (mostly original) music videos. I already have 4 or 5 set up to post first thing Saturday morning.  So if you have something you performed or your band did and you’d like to have it in front of a few thousand people, send me a link to it.  I’d prefer a YouTube or something like that that I can embed rather than you sending me the video directly.  We’ll still post the usual silly things we normally do.

We’re always receptive to your thoughts and ideas about Bits & Pieces.



26 thoughts on “A few changes on B&P”

  1. These are some good ideas. A good way for those fortunate enough to have a talent to be able to share it with everyone.

    • That’s right Scott. I’m sure that a lot of folks out there either have talent, ;), skills, voice, music (my Maffu), or just a damn good garden. I’m a green thumb. I Can’t write like Mr. Firesmith, or play like Maffu, or an artist like Tabou but I sure do appreciate their talent.
      My peppers and tomatoes did really good this summer. The rest was sh!t.

  2. Well… if he still has “lead in his pencil” four hours after posting his story he should see a doctor. Or at least call all his buddies and brag about it! ;0)

  3. I’ve got several recordings I’ve made by myself over the course of about 20 years or so. In fact, I’ve just copied my boxed set (4 tapes’ worth) into my computer (started that process days ago). Actually, I tell people that it’s the reason I bought a computer, to begin with…to clean up and edit these old recordings. Some of the better results were compiled onto a CD, which I’ve shared with a few people – just the ones I want to torture. As for sharing it with (potentially) thousands of people? Oh no…I think there are laws against that.
    But I mention my recordings (I’ve likened it to an audio history of someone teaching himself how to play guitar and how to record it on tape) (and listening to it is proof enough of that!), because, as I’ve said, I’ve just finished putting all my past recordings on to my computer, and my brother (and a friend of mine who’s heard the recordings) has even mentioned that I should put them on a site like YouTube. However…I don’t think so.
    I hope others do, though. Who knows? It might possibly motivate me to throw one or two online…

  4. Jonco,

    Likewise on the sister sites, you should do something like “Confession Fridays” on NB where people share a secret story about something they can’t even tell their best friends (but without naming any names or the contributor), and then on BOW do something like an incident or person that has inspired or changed them in some way.

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