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  1. Oh my gawd, that is sooo sweet. I’ve been looking for another little one at the shelter…and hopefully they will pick me.

  2. If my wife and I had our druthers, we would adopt every dog and cat out there. We have been a foster family for dogs that have rescued from the pound and are looking for their new best friend. If you are ever considering getting a new dog or cat, please, please contact a local rescue group or the pound.

  3. When we moved to Spain we brought our two rescues, a greyhound Cross and a Saluki with us. There is no equivalent to the RSPCA or ASPCA in Spain and strays or ‘abandonados’ picked up by the local authority have a continued life expectancy that can be counted in hours. The local authority kennels or perreras are nothing more than State sponsored killing stations.

    We have ourselves rescued 7 such dogs from our village. Our costs for feeding and vets bills are enormous. The sad thing is that there are so many others that we cannot help.

    Our small terraced house is now their kennel.

    Please see my blog…http://www.eyeonspain.com/blogs/foxbat.aspx

    Here’s a couple of our more recent rescues; These two are Suzy and Mum, feeling a little sorry for themselves because they were just back from the vets after spaying. Both were pregnant…


    Carrefour, a major International Hypermarket chain (second only to Wal-Mart), have franchise outlets as stores within a store and ‘Hobbyzoo’ is just such an outlet. All breeds of dogs are available for purchase within these stores. This practice does nothing more than to give puppy farms a legitimate point of sale. This is a disgusting situation and should be stopped.

  4. whitenoiz, good work! However, there are many animal charities and shelters in the Valencia district in Spain, where I have lived the last 8 years. Many town halls in our area support shelters for dogs (but not cats). I do photo, website, posters etc for http://scan-cats.blogspot.com/ in Pego and help a two other animal charities with their websites. You can see a list of the shelters at the top of SCANs site.

  5. Damn Jonco, you’re site made me cry twice today. Am I the only one who saw this picture and suddenly started hearing Sarah Mclachlan singing?

    BTW, kudos to you and your site for being so dog and pet adoption friendly.

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