Apple provides great support

or… How to tell when it’s time to buy a new laptop

Gabor writes:

Hi Jonco,
I have sent you a couple good finds in the past. This is even more original, from my own living room.
The hinges on my HP notebook broke today but luckily I still have my MacBook that broke years ago. The PC-Mac synergy appears to work nicely. What can I say: I love Apple support!
Still love your site, very entertaining!

Gabor1 Gbor2

Thanks Gabor


4 thoughts on “Apple provides great support”

  1. These are tools Richard, and I am not in any cult: I just went from something that didn’t work to something that did. Actually now they both do : )

  2. This picture made me laugh out loud, seriously. I have the exact same computer and the hinges also broke and I use another laptop to hold it up. At first i thought someone took a pic of mine and posted it.

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