Freddie Mercury reincarnated?

Canadian Marc Martel, has rocketed to YouTube fame and world-wide recognition with this rendition of Somebody To Love by Queen.  Marc and his band Downhere have been performing since 1999.

Somebody To Love

Here he is performing Bohemian Rhaposdy with his Christian rock band Downhere.

Thanks MCW


13 thoughts on “Freddie Mercury reincarnated?”

  1. At first, I thought it was bogus – I thought this guy was lip syncing to multi-tracks that you could find online (there are a few Queen titles that you can download)…but then I started to hear subtle differences in the way he sings, compared to Freddie Mercury. Then! I clicked on the extra link for Bohemian Rhapsody and was blown away!!!! Holy crap – he could easily pass for Freddie Mercury.

    Then I checked out the link MCW offered. Damn you!!!! But it’s catchy, I tell ya what! I spent the next few minutes checking out Hayseed Dixie videos. hahaha 🙂

  2. Our local Radio station said that marc martel is from Saskatchewan and this is his entry video for the Queen Extravaganza tour the tour is being promoted by one of the members or the original queen band here is a link to all the auditons and info on the tour he marc is hands down a dead ringer for freddy both in looks and voice hes got my vote for sure

  3. I’ve seen this guy before (on another website) and as a long term Queen fan i’m still speechless. As for the Gay-Christian comment O.M.G. (shaking head in disbelief) for the record Freddie was bisexual but who cares

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