B&P is having comment problems

Technical difficulties dogFor some reason readers are not able to leave comments or see comments on the Bits & Pieces posts.  I can’t see them either.  This is a whole new kind of problem.

I tried disabling the comment editing plugin, but that didn’t fix it.  I haven’t added any new plugins recently.

  I’m looking into it, but I’m not sure what I’m looking for.

Maybe that 3.6 earthquake shook things up.

I tried changing themes and still have the problem so it’s not that.


Update:  I think I fixed the problem.  I re-uploaded the .htaccess file and commenting seems to be working now.  


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    • I had no indication that the site was down. The last comment was at about 3:45 am (my time). I had received an email from Janet over in Ireland that the comments weren’t working. She didn’t say anything about the site being down.

      • Last comment I saw on Reader was from around midnight and everything I tried went to a ‘what you’re looking for isn’t here’ page.

        • Not that it matters much, but just because the reader isn’t functioning right doesn’t mean the whole site is down. When we had the redirect problem the site was still up, it was just when people tried to Google B&P or view it thru RSS feed that there was a problem.

          • Oh yeah, I’m aware of the Google and Google Reader problem in the past. I’m just saying the last thing that I saw was a comment made around midnight by Miss Silver that I read on Reader. But I couldn’t get to anything at all after that whether through Reader or bookmark or whatever. I wasn’t being redirected to a different address like those other times, the address was still ending up on bitsandpieces.us but with the ‘there’s nothing here’ type message displayed.

  1. I’m afraid this .htaccess file problem might be an ongoing one. I think there might be some rogue code in there somewhere just waiting to wreak havoc on B&P. That’s been the cause of the Google search and RSS redirects every so often.

    I just updated the theme I use to it’s latest version. I might do a reinstall of WordPress in the near future along with a change of all passwords. I just hesitate doing that because it’ll mean I have to reinstall all the Adsense code and miscellaneous settings to get things back to normal.

  2. Whew, I’m glad you got it fixed before I got up, I don’t know what would have happened if I’d have had to do something productive for the first half of Friday morning, you almost scared me.

  3. Is it just my screen, or is there a lack of spaces after some punctuation? Everything looks like infidel wrote it.

    For example I put a space between everything in this and the spaces are gone after the punctuation on my screen: ” B & P ” is awesome !

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