What size shirt do you wear?

While scouring the web for B&P I ran across a poll just like this whose results surprised me.  So, just for fun (and for future ordering data) lets see how the B&P readers measure up.  Don’t tell me it depends on the style,  fabric or other excuse, just if you had to pick a size you wear most often, let’s say for a t-shirt, what would it be?

What size shirt do you wear?

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17 thoughts on “What size shirt do you wear?”

  1. It’s saying the poll results are 100% extra large? on this page but on the main page it says 50% small, 50% extra large?

  2. 3xl for the big boy…My vote posted, then disappeared. The total only shows 1 vote, but it seems that at least 4 of us have voted.

  3. The results are about what I expected with XL and L being predominant.

    The reason I did the poll was that I saw a similar poll and of the 249 people that voted they had the following results: Medium 29%, Large 21%, XL 21%, Small 15% and 2X 14%. I would think more men that women visit that site and I was surprised to see more Mediums than any other size.

    • Not gonna say anything about Americans and XL, but if the shirts are made in America I’m a Medium, if they are made in Asia I’m a Large.

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