31 thoughts on “Caption contest – 220”

  1. With the economy as bad as it is “The Smiths” sport the new look for people placed in the witness protection program.

  2. Here’s the Theme to “The Modern Bucket Family” (to the tune of the Patty Duke Show)

    Meet Cathy, who`s shied from everywhere,
    >From Zanzibar to Barclay Square.
    But Daddy’s only seen the sights
    A guy can see from a bucket that’s tight —
    What a crazy pail!

    But they`re in buckets,
    Identical buckets all the way.
    One pair of matching handles,
    Can’t tell night from day.

    Where Cathy adores a this red hair-net,
    The Bucket Red, and beach Phuket,
    Our junior loves to rock and roll,
    And cut a brand new bucket hole —
    What a wild triplet!

    Still, they`re in buckets,
    Identical buckets and you`ll find,
    They laugh alike, they walk alike,
    At times they even talk alike —
    They have lost their mind,
    When buckets are three of a kind

  3. John, Rosemary, and little Billy Buckethead stand in front of their new home which makes their previous home pale in comparison.

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