Watch how fast wildfire spreads

Video shot September 5, 2011 on the north edge of Bastrop State Park near Austin. All but about 100 acres of the 6,000-acre park have been blackened by fire. Firefighters have been battling blazes for several days.



7 thoughts on “Watch how fast wildfire spreads”

  1. Most people who die in wildfires do not understand how incredibly fast these things move or how fast they grow or how intense they are.

    I watched a fire that started out as sparks from a welder go from being a wicked little hundred acre fire to being a conflagration that devoured thousands upon thousands of acres. It jumped US441 just north of Fargo Georgia when there was over one thousand feet of open space between fire and fuel. They were hitting it with helicopter drops of water and plane drops of red retardant and the fire just kept going like we humans were pissing into the wind.

    We couldn’t stop it.

  2. This is less than an hour from where I live. Also Ft. Hood has some massive fires going on at the moment, most of Ft. Hood is still wilderness.
    Our brilliamt governer Rick Perry decided toorder the firefighters from Ft Hood to go to Bastrop to fight the fires there, they of course had to decline, as they had matters of their own to attend to. Evidently in his zeal to get to the White House Mr. Perry wasn’t aware of what was going on at home. Wait, when he’s home he’s not aware of what happens here.
    I guess this time we really did keep the home fires burning.

  3. After some storms, my brother and I decided to burn off some freshly dead pine tree branches in a bonfire and we didn’t realize just how fast and intense they burn. The flames were huge and the heat is so intense, much more than any tree/tree branches with leaves. That’s when I can finally admire just how easy a forest fire can spread.

    From about the :15 mark to the :25 second mark in this video, you can see a pine tree in the background go up in flames…just like that. Intense burn, then done.

    • I chopped up and burned a Christmas tree in my fireplace once. I’ll never do that again. I had flames shooting out the chimney and burning pieces flying around,

  4. THIS is why I dont ever want a real Christmas tree again… I’m perfectly happy with my fake one…. That is crazy– reminds me of this morning on the radio the host was complaining about mother nature- with all the rain in some parts of the US and then the fires– he said ‘What did we ever do to you Mother Nature?…. nevermind, dont answer that!’

    • I agree Krisgo. So many folks lose their homes around Christmas time due to dried out trees. I like the kind that comes out of a box with all the decorations and lights already on them. Voila!
      I’ve seen lots of wildfires on the job and they are scary and devastating. It breaks my heart when they show on tv someone seeing their home for the first time and all that’s left standing is their chimney. Gawd!

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