Shark swims down street after hurricane

Hurricane shark

This picture was taken in Puerto Rico shortly after Hurricane Irene ravaged the island. Yes, that’s a shark swimming down the street next to a car, and this is exactly why authorities in NYC are warning people not to go swimming in flood waters after a hurricane. Sharks go where fish go, and fish go where water goes, and if that water (and those subsequent fish) happen to be right outside your front door, then guess where that freakin’ shark’s going to be?!


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7 thoughts on “Shark swims down street after hurricane”

  1. Unfortunately, the picture is fake. The shark is taken from a National Geographic image of a shark stalking a canoe (if you google image search “shark”, it’s on the third row).

  2. Floods are incredibly nasty things and you are not likely to find water this clear in a flood. Moreover, fish aren’t likely to want to be in floodwater and sharks are not likely to hunt in a flood area even if the fish were there.

    To tell people to stay out of flood water because of sharks is a lot like telling someone to stop smoking because aliens might see the light and land on them.

  3. If you say “gullible” very slowly it sounds like “strawberries.” Works when you say it backwards, too…

  4. That is not a shark. That is a lawyer cruising for clients to sue the government of Puerto Rico for failing to protect them from the hurricane…

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