Missouri Motorist Meltdown

Show Me State woman shows Highway Patrol
One of my fellow Missouri motorists gets a tad upset when her husband is arrested for drunk driving.  There is an overturned vehicle in the median of the highway but no mention of what happened.  I think if I were her husband I’d be drinking too.

Warning:  Explicit language.

I’m amazed that people can get away with acting like this.  I always thought I would like to be a cop but I wouldn’t put up with her antics.

Thanks Sander

Update:  Here’s the story on the incident: http://www.connectmidmissouri.com/news/story.aspx?id=654107#.TlO7683YLfE


16 thoughts on “Missouri Motorist Meltdown”

  1. Having failed in his attempt to commit suicide by roll-over, he will now ask the Judge for the maximum possible jail time and an injunction to keep her from visiting him. No wonder he drinks.

  2. Sure doesn’t give us Missourians a very good name does it. I’ve got to give credit to our State Highway Patrol. They remained cool and professional, not like some we see in these clips.

    • Naw, those state troopers give Missouri a good name.

      There are drunks on the road in every state. 40% of driving fatalities in the US are alcohol related (BAC of .08+). And 80% of those are caused by beer consumption. 40,000 people die in alcohol-related accidents in the US every year.

      The figures are even worse for drunks on the water. USCG says up to 60% of watercraft fatalities are alcohol related.

      I hope she did get to spend a couple of nights in the graybar inn though, and I hope she’s required to watch this video with her family and friends when she sobers up. No wonder that poor guy drinks.

      I’ve had the honor to meet several Ohio state troopers (in friendly situations LOL) and they’re an impressive group of fine men & women.

  3. Wait a second. If they had arrested her, they would have had to listen to her all the way to jail. This way, they dumped her on the tow truck driver…

  4. i would have arrested her-first for impeding/lying during an investigation and secondly for disordly conduct/public intoxication.

  5. Funny how she can use the F word in combination with “mother”, but when used by itself, it’s “frickin'”.

  6. She’s drunk too. She’s just the angry kind of drunk is all….that bit right at the beginning where she clumsily tried to smooth her hair back is something I’ve seen drunk patrons do a lot. Nice.

  7. speaking as a Canadian in law enforcement, I would have arrested her for:
    a) causing a disturbance (self explanatory)
    b) obstruction (in interfering with a police investigation)
    c) being drunk in public (again, I believe self explanatory)
    It would appear to me that they had a huge liability issue going on there, a drunk (??) moron running around in an accident scene in the median of a highway. Scary

    • I agree. For her own safety and the safety of motorists that might hit her she should have been taken into custody. She was all over the place.

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