Web photo hosting question

I need to find a place to host photos online –  for me personally and for a group I’m involved in.  Preferably one that can have different people upload their photos (to the same folder or album).  Are there limits on photo size or quantity uploaded?  Is there a cost?

What do you guys use or recommend?



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  1. webshots.com

    Free for some level of service, 10 or so bucks a year for more features. As long as you give the people the login and password, they can post up pics


  2. Can’t recommend Flickr highly enough, in general. I’ve had a pro account there since they were a small Canadian startup. Not sure about group-posting features, but you could just share a login, at least temporarily… Pro account accepts any size files; the free account will let you upload any size files, but places some limitations on which sizes you can see… your full size files will be there when you go pro… and are maintained even if you expire your pro account back to free… Free account has some other limitations… pro is $25 a year, totally worth it…


  3. PBase.com…I’ve been a member there since 2004 and while I don’t post pictures there much anymore,I keep my account current for $24 a year…it’s easy to use, you can personalize your pages and the community was great…Good Luck Jonco from a longtime follower.

    Al V

  4. Have you looked at your webhost’s photogallery options (usually located under simplescripts)? I just checked mine real quick and two stand out to me, one called “Gallery” and another called “Piwigo”.

    Gallery definitely shows that it supports multi-users and photo albums. Piwigo looks better and it too appears like it supports multi-users. Both are free, just a few clicks to install on your own webserver.

    Personally, I’d rather buy a new domain for $10 and host it myself than to post group pics on some other website (flickr, photobucket, etc.). I have complete control and it’s a bit more private.

  5. Jonco – Before you go signing up for FlickrPro, you should consider hosting the gallery yourself. This should give you much more control than a third party site.
    Since you have hosting with the same folks as me you have access to three very easy options that could fit the bill – Gallery, Piwigo and Zen Photo.
    They are available as One-Click Installs (go to your Control Panel, look for “the “Goodies Section” on the left sidebar and then click “One Click Installs).

    Edit: Bugger – I just noticed that Sander put pretty much exactly the same thing. Listen to him, he speaks sense šŸ˜€

  6. Photobucket.com has recently removed ALL previous restrictions (except video bandwidth), so they now accept unlimited photos and videos. It’s perfect for families & friends because you can password protect your galleries. The video bandwidth allowed is more than enough for a typical circle of family & friends.


  7. As mentioned before , Gallery is an excellent choice. Not only will you be able to allow people to add to your album, but people will be able to start their own albums as well.

    If you are looking for an inexpensive solution, several hosting companies have virtual servers with Gallery pre-installed. As a bonus gallery can also be used as a CDN for other sites.

    Good luck with your choice.

  8. Google+ photos. Does all that no limitations. Each person with gmail has their own login. You choose whether or not they are included in your photo circle. Free and unlimited. Good luck on making your choice.

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