Open Mic Sunday


I hope everyone is having a good day.  I’m recuperating for a long day yesterday.  We’re going through numbers and trying to finalize our results after our mud volleyball tournament yesterday.  We’ll have a meeting this afternoon to discuss what worked, what didn’t work and what needs to be improved upon.

This is your chance to talk about whatever you want.  Get up close to your keyboard and have at it.

11 thoughts on “Open Mic Sunday”

  1. What and where was your best vacation?
    Hey, me first!
    Tied for first are both of my trips to New Zealand. Pictures don’t do justice to the beauty of the country, plus the people are the friendliest people on the planet, and they even speak (a kind of funny brand of) English!
    (Apologies to our international visitors who are bilingual and will sneer at the ignorance of Americans).

    • Agree about NZ, my trip was more of a “pack on your back” thing to both NZ and Oz for 6 months. The friendliest people I met in Oz were Kiwis! Many times over.
      Like going to the US and finding out that friendly person was from Canada. Zing!!

      NZ is a miniature BC (where I’m from and been all over), even still, NZ is so nice.

      To Paul: Remember Footrot Flats?

  2. New Zealand is top on my list of places to visit.

    Right now, my best vacation would be our family trip to Puerto Rico. It was fun because it was my family’s first visit to the place I’m from. It was a real eye opener for them.

  3. Off above topic. Anyone else getting slow response to this site?

    Or screens with “This webpage is not available” ?

  4. Sorry Guys and Girls, it’s not posh nor expensive, but I just loved holidaying down on the Great British Coast of Bognor Regis. I just loved watching the naked women (oops, I meant the games machines on the pier;)) Thats why every UK beach has a nudist section. Is it not the same in the USA?

  5. Actually there are about a hundred nude beaches in the U.S., not counting “unofficial” clothing optional locations.

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