17 thoughts on “If Obama were white…”

    • He knew he had no chance of becoming an old caucasian, white haired male that still thinks the Bible has more truth than the Constitution, and can spend the rest of his life in the Congress or Senate, so he made a move. Timing was bad.

      Go Palin, I got `faith“ with her.

  1. Second Barbwire…he’s a cutie either way. You may not like his politics, but being the editor of Harvard Law Review is a pretty impressive accomplishment. I like him, though.

  2. Lately he’s looking alot like Jimmy Carter. But still pretty fly for a white guy, and a very handsome black guy. But what about results? How handsome? Results for 3 years… (say it like Stewey) “Uhhhh, yeah… you’re … you’re cute… yeah…”

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